Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Stash

 I’ve mentioned before – I’m a bit of a Camille fan. But I hadn’t yet gotten my hands on any of the new line Happy Go Lucky. Until now. Caught a sale from Fabric Buzz and just couldn’t resist a charm pack.

Happy Go Lucky   aqua

I have plans for it already – thinking I’ll pair it with this aqua solid. Still deciding.

Few of my favourite things

These are a few of my favourite prints I was thinking of using. Still thinking. But gosh, aren’t they pretty?

And my long awaited Bloom Bloom Pow fabric order arrived! I’m going with solids for my quilt. I’ve already cut these up and they are ready to piece. That’s on the agenda today.

Bloom Bloom Pow

First time I really got to use my Kona Colour Card properly! I have since added a little pop of green and yellow to this line up, but no pic yet of them altogether. They’ll be paired with a stark white solid. Yum.

And here are the names of the colours I picked, in case you’re curious.

Bloom Bloom Pow colour choices 1

Actually I did the screenshot so I could keep track of what I wanted in case my cart magically disappeared as they sometimes do! But it’s a handy reminder now of what the names of the colours are!

With all this fabric goodness arriving in, I must get busy sewing, sewing and send some of it back out – in the form of quilts of course!

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  1. Oh yay for the pop of yellow! I think that's just what this palette needed, will give it a twinkle in the eye. I just got mine finished cutting today, so might join you in sewing!

  2. Lots of flower power out there obviously. That charm pack is sweet.

  3. As soon as I find a sale I am going to grab some Happy Go Lucky too!! Love, love, love your Bloom Bloom color scheme!!

  4. I love the colours you have chosen for your Bloom bloom project - looking forward to seeing it unfold!

  5. Pretty! Looking forward to seeing all your bloom bloom action.

  6. I love the reds and aqua together! I haven't made anything with that color palette yet, but I'm going to have to!

  7. Hi Kristy!
    Your plans look absolutely funtastic! As I told you... I have been doing some fabric shopping too! Already on it's way to the US-address!

  8. Oh, your Bloom Bloom quilt is going to be so pretty!

  9. Your Bloom Bloom Pow is going to look so awesome!!! Great fabric choices :)

  10. Huge Camille fan here too. Awaiting a fat 1/8th bundle of Happy Go Lucky from fat quarter shop to arrive. Made the most of the 40% off shipping!


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