Friday, 12 April 2013

Me and my staple gun

 We’re best friends now. Which is funny, considering I’m not a handy kind of gal. In high school, we had to take a Technics class (building stuff is the best way I can explain it). I did not once use anything scarier than a hammer. I managed to get through two years with having someone else use the machinery and equipment that made loud scary noises, on my behalf.

And yet, here I am. Loving my staple gun. Looking for projects to use the staple gun on. (Ooh need to make an Easter hat for J’s hat parade - Wonder if my staple gun would do a better job of holding the tissue paper together? Ooh totally need to redo all my dining room chairs in super awesome fabrics! )

I have so far reigned in the crazy tendencies and limited myself to making canvases. Still get to use the staple gun, but in a fun creative way. Or something like that.

So here’s the latest.

Dandelion Wish for Marieka

I made this one for Marieka. She loves dandelions, so obviously she needed a dandelion canvas.
I appliqued the main part of the dandelion and the letters on – then added a bit of stitching for the extra detail.

Closeup of dandelion

Then I couldn’t leave the other Wombat birthday girl out of the canvas love. I was a bit late for Fiona’s birthday (not as organised as I like to think) so she just received hers the other day.

Fiona loves orange so I hunted out one of my fave orange prints – this one from Simply Color. Pairs nicely with dark grey using a bit of reverse applique!

So I probably don’t need to say it, but there are likely to be more canvases in my future. I am rather attached to the noisy, loud and formerly scary staple gun. Turns out even someone as unhandy as me can use it without taking out an eye. Can’t let these newly found awesome stapling skills go to waste!


  1. Love my staple gun too - Yes, for canvases but mainly for stretching and fastening embroidery fabric on the frame ready to stitch.
    We have just bought a very scary nail gun - I hope to be revealing why on the blog soon - if only it would stop raining and let us make some progress!!

  2. Oh, be still my beating heart!
    As another devoted Dandelion fan, I am completely in love with that canvas.

  3. Staple guns are definitely addictive. Your canvases keep getting better and better!! The added stitching on the dandelion is so perfect and adds tons of character and whimsy!! Great job!!

  4. It's awesome, Kristy! Love it! Staple guns are handy little suckers, aren't they? :)

  5. These canvases look great! That staple gun sounds like a good investment :)

  6. I love the staple gun too! I just need to remember where I have put the specific staples that go int that silly machine.... oh my memory ;-(

  7. Love them both. What an awesome dandelion! Your circle quilt from the previous post is pretty great too ; )

  8. I really love the dandelion. Lovely stitching.

  9. Love the Dandelion!!!! The quilting added just the right accents!!!
    I am a lover of all tools... with the exception being the circular saw! VERY scarey to me!!!!!

  10. Staple gun and hot glue gun - the best sort of guns! The dandelion is super!

  11. Awesome! I really love how thoughtfully you individualise for everyone around you. :)

  12. I love love love my canvas! You are such a generous and talented friend :)

  13. I love love love my canvas! You are such a generous and talented friend :)


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