Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WiP–Signature Quilt

 I have been a little overwhelmed of late regarding all the quilty projects I have to do. But it’s all self inflicted so really, the pity party ends here.

I am happy to say that of my 5 quilts on the go, I have completed 2 with hopes to have another done this week. (I won’t mention that I just ordered a line of fabric for a quilt for my bed… it hasn’t arrived yet so it doesn’t count as a WiP surely!).

This week’s plan is to get the signature quilt done for Nan’s 90th birthday. Her party is in 10 days. So the deadline is looming!

Paper pieced 90

I didn’t actually know how many quilt squares I was going to receive back so it was a little difficult to plan the layout. However I finally have the majority of squares back (and have left a few blank ones for a few family members who haven’t managed to get their squares signed). In the end, I only had to make one additional square to make a nice layout of 7 squares by 8. So I thought a paper pieced 90 would be nice! Used my Just My Type numbers patterns – they worked a treat!

90th signature quilt top

Here’s the quilt top put together. The fabric I used is the pink and green colourways for Patty Young’s Lush. I adore this line of fabric. So pretty. The quilt top measures around 42” x 48”. I think that’s a nice size for a lap quilt. Thanks to the fabulous Gina for the idea of using a fleece backing – I’ll skip the batting and keep this nice and light weight for Nan.

Quilt with backing

I picked up a pink fleece blanket for cheaper than what it would have cost to buy the fleece at a fabric shop, so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll work okay! Especially as the colour matches perfectly! I will likely do very basic quilting so it’s a soft, comfy quilt (and because I don’t really like quilting!).

I’ve loved seeing the different blocks arrive. The only instructions I gave people were to use a pen, and leave me a 1/2” gap around the edge so their writing didn’t get caught up in the seam allowance. Well, turns out so people are rather creative!

We have an embroidered block:

Embroidered block

One with a poem (from my cousin who clearly is going for the golden grandchild award – sorry Ryan, I think I win, making TWO quilts for Nan!)

Poem block

One with some photos added:

Photo block

One of my kidlets’ drawings (including this one in the round up as it’s the first recognisable drawing Lulu (2.5yo) has ever done and it’s ridiculously cute!)

Lulus drawing

And my very favourite – drawn by my aunt (who is an artist) – a little cartoon family representing my Nan’s family.

Cartoon family block

That’s my grandfather with the tools (he owned a hardware store), Nan playing tennis, my great Grandmother in the floral dress, the four kids and their dog Trixie! Isn’t that a cool block?
And boy do I feel boring and uncreative with my block that simply says “Happy 90th birthday Nan. All my love”. Haha! Boring!! Oh well all my creativity went into making the quilt and the family tree wallhanging!

Closeup of Family Tree Quilt

So all that’s left now is to put the quilt together and I can tick another one off my list. Woohoo!



  1. It is going to be a beautiful quilt! Love those signature blocks - the stick family your mum drew is so cute:)

  2. Wonderful idea! Your family really came up with some great signatures!

  3. Fantastic!!! Nice work by your family :)

  4. That quilt is amazing! What a creative and wonderful family!

  5. Fabulous blocks Kristy, your Nan will be thrilled when she sees this! Think you definitely get the Golden Grandchild Award :)

  6. You win, hands down, with the family tree hanging. =)

    This matriarch is going to be so blessed...Have the tissues handy!

  7. I love the quilt and the family tree wall hanging! Such special gifts :-) Thanks for stopping by WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

  8. I wish I had a bigger family so I could make a "loving" quilt like this one!

  9. Wow Kristy what an awesome quilt this is!! I love the colors, design, and the little notes from the family on it. You have really outdone yourself with these projects!! I "met"you when you were first planning these and it has been fun to see your ideas evolve and turn into your final projects. I can't wait for you to give these to her!!

  10. P.s. I love how you have been incorporating Just My Type into some of your projects this week and I hope the fleece back works great for you.

  11. That quilt is just so beautiful! What an awesome gift you are making for Nan. She's a very lucky lady.

  12. Pity party, hehe.

    They signature blocks are fabulous and so wildly different. Awesome. I'd clearly give you the award any day. ;)

  13. These truly are heirloom quilts- what a wonderful idea!

  14. It's a really lovely quilt, i love the idea of all the signed blocks and the 90 block looks great! I hope Nan has a lovely birthday - great job! :o)

  15. Gorgeous Present ideas and a cute quilt design! Love it!

  16. Oh, yeah, you're soooooo not creative. Pfft! :P

  17. Ooo I am so glad that you did a couple of close ups of the signatures because I was dying to see those cartoons too! As for you dear Kristy, Amy (redeemed sheep) and Erin summed you up but than I ever could. btw another funny blog post that made me laugh.


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