Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter Wonderland – A Round Robin Sew-a-long

 I’ve never done a Round Robin before. And my winter wonderland days are only in photos and memories. Not much snow in my part of Australia! Winter is just cold (well colder than normal!), and often wet.

But when Becky from Patchwork Posse invited me to design a row for the Round Robin, well I couldn’t resist! I do like playing around with paper pieced patterns in case you hadn't noticed!

I did once have a snowy Winter Wonderland – some years ago when I lived in Pennsylvania. So going on memories from then, I came up with a fun paper pieced pattern.  Can’t give too much away until my day on April 8th but here’s a sneak peek.

Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek

I just know you’re intrigued. Not only by my fabulous little sneak peek but by the whole Winter Wonderland Round Robin thing!

Well you’re in luck! It has just started! Becky has posted the first row already. (You must forgive me, I meant to post about this before it started, but with moving house, and becoming a Kindy mummy… well let’s say my memory is worse than ever – what was I talking about again?! hehe).

You can check out all the details about this fun Round Robin event here:

Must mention – this is a Round Robin in terms of patterns/designs. You don’t have to send your sewing to anyone, or swap with anyone. There are a bunch of different designers who have come up with their own interpretation of “Winter Wonderland” for a quilt row, all of which will be revealed over the next few months and you do your own fabric selecting and sewing. Sounds like a bit of fun!

Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the whole idea of a Winter Wonderland and cooler weather while I swelter here in this awful humid weather we’re having this Summer!


  1. Well it is winter but not much of a wonderland here!

    The Round Robin sounds like fun I think I will check it out :)

  2. Oh, it sounds fun, love you Cardinal and the first row of the sew along!

  3. Excited to see what your row will be for the sew along. It is a winter wonderland here in NJ today. Thankfully where I live has less than much of the rest of the state.

  4. Hot sunny summer here in Auckland so it's hard imagining winter wonderland! Your little bird looks very cute though!

  5. This should be a fun series! Love your cardinal!!

  6. Ooh, sort of stay at home round robin, I'm off to have a look

  7. I just joined the fun! I can't wait to make this quilt. I love the idea of each row being different and plan to start piecing this tomorrow. I'm ready to see the rest of the bird! (wink, wink! I won't tell anyone!)


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