Friday 8 February 2013

Sew Retro, Sew Available!

 Okay bad title. I’m tired. What more can I say? I’ve been the mummy of a Kindy kid for an entire week. That right there is exhausting. Bring on the weekend I say!

In the meantime, thanks to the wonderful work of my pattern testers, I have finished tweaking the Sew Retro vintage kitchen themed paper pieced patterns (say that three times fast! In my case, perhaps not, considering I told my daughter to put her sink in her cup today. Told you I’m tired).

So I have listed all of the Sew Retro patterns in my Craftsy shop! Yay!

Sew Retro Collage

You can purchase the bundle of all 7 or just pick your favourite block and get that individually. See? I’m all about options.

I’m also all about pretty. Let’s check out some of the pattern testers' Sew Retro blocks!

Fiona's Sew Retro Crockery
Elsa's clock
Clock by Elsa
Patti's oven
Oven by Patti of Retired to Quilt

These are just a taster - there are some more lovely blocks popping up around blogland too – and I look forward to seeing some more! That’s one of my fave parts of drawing patterns – seeing how other people interpret them and what fabric they use!

So if you do make one of my patterns, make my day by adding your pic to the Flickr group!

Happy paper piecing!


  1. More beautiful patterns Kristy, you will be getting a book deal soon :)

  2. Wow these look fantastic Kristy - great job, here's to many gorgeous blocks being made!

  3. I must do that groovy clock now! You know I'm a mid century retro girl at heart.

  4. Oh, it's so fun to see my clock! So glad you got it yesterday (just in time) ~ I really enjoyed making it and look forward to doing all the retro blocks!

  5. It looks stunning all put together! I finally posted on my blog.

  6. Lovely! You are just so talented!

  7. Another set of completely amazing blocks!! You are an awesome pattern maker Kristy! I am looking forward to making these myself! Have a good weekend!

  8. I just love these blocks so much!

  9. I couldn't resist getting this pattern--all of these blocks look so wonderful! I bought the pattern and made my first block this morning.

  10. these are great Kristy - love Patti's oven :)


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