Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Stash

 So I managed one last order before the horrendous price hike in postage. Seriously, it increased by $7 – that’s nearly a yard of fabric!! Horrifying.

Enough of the boring postage discussion. Let’s look at pretty fabric. Here’s what I scored.




(Complete with crease marks because I was too lazy to iron it)



And Novelty. 

Because I can’t resist a good novelty print.

Linking up with Sunday Stash. It’s over at Molli Sparkle’s place. You must stop by – one of my fave blogs to read – hilarious!

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  1. Wow you got a bit of everything in that batch. thanks for pointing out Mr Sparkles Says on Josh's blog. i had not noticed. Agreed very funny.

  2. Awesome fabrics! If you spread the $7 out onto the price of the fabrics it is still cheaper than here - most of the time!

  3. Great haul! I nearly cried at the postage hike but Annies happy as I will be shopping with her a lot more. ;-)

  4. I know what you mean....I haven't ordered since. It has gone up so much since I started sewing. I just use my local fabric stores in Ireland and the UK now. Love the stash though

  5. Wow, major score!! I love them all. With the shipping costs being so high for you, perhaps you can rationalize buying more fabric so as to spread the cost out per yard. Well, that is what I would do anyway :-)

  6. Truly awesome haul and so varied! I *lovelove* the penguins and paper clips. Coincidentally my last order before the hike had some Ombre in it, too, albeit in teal and eggplant. :D

    Oh my, just had another look at the penguins - sooo sweet.

  7. The postage is painful and even more painful when I am stung for a customs charge too! Are there any text prints left that you haven't bought by now?

  8. Fun mix of prints!! My favorite is the cute bike print.

  9. LOVE those text prints!!!! OMG!

  10. Beautiful! What is that penguin fabric? I may need to add some to my holiday stash :)


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