Saturday, 2 February 2013

Making Bee Blocks

Alternatively titled “What I did on my forced internet-free break”.

So moving house never runs smoothly. No worries with the furniture going on: fortunately got that in one day before the tail end of an ex tropical cyclone hit my area with torrential rain. For days. The problems started with the phone connection and the internet connection. Let’s just say it’s been a bit of a hassle but I am glad it is now sorted and I’m back online.

Meanwhile without the distraction of the internet, reading blogs, Wombat chats, Pinterest and emails… I got some sewing done (oh yeah and some unpacking but that’s boring. Back to the fun sewing stuff).

First up – my Sew Retro oven for Marieka for her month for Wombat Stew!

Sew Retro Oven for Marieka

I used my beloved Colour Weave in red for the stove itself, with some gorgeous Vintage Modern wallpaper. Had a bit of fun with some fussy cutting too for the little details.

Some selvedge for the stove knobs - changed the pattern as I didn’t think my sanity would stand up to all those teeny tiny pieces. Whoops photo bombed by a stray thread. Edit that out in your head please. :)

Sew Retro oven selvedge stove knobs

Some fussy cutting from a kitchen called “Everything Nice” worked beautifully for the stove dial and the oven front.

Sew Retro oven fussy cut oven dialSew Retro fussy cut oven front

Thrilled with how it turned out! This pattern will be going in the shop soon as well as the rest of the Sew Retro patterns which my fabulous testers are busily working on!

Sew Retro paper piecing patterns

I also pieced a Polaroid camera block for Fiona’s Bee month. She’s using this one along with a bunch of Polaroid blocks for a donation quilt for those affected by bushfires (and now severe flooding – Australia, land of the extremes. And animals that will kill you).

Polaroid Camera for Fiona

You can see my favourite Colour Weave fabric made an appearance here too – this time in orange. Seriously, such an awesome line of fabric. I think I have it in all the colours of the rainbow, and then some. The pattern for this one is available in my Craftsy shop and I am loving seeing a few of these pop up around the interwebs.

I also worked on my February And Sew On block which I posted about it yesterday.

You Little Ripper - February block for And Sew On

Want to make one of these yourself? The pattern’s free for February – come join in the BoM!
So it turns out without internet, I’m quite productive. It also turns out that without internet, I’m very bored. But hey, look, I’m almost up to date with Bee Blocks. So there is that. Smile I will finish with saying… YAY INTERNET, I missed you!


  1. The Sew Retro blocks are so cute! I love the clock! The fabrics you chose for the oven are perfect:)

  2. I am sure that your patterns keep getting cuter and cuter...and it is great to see them fabricked out into real life blocks. Welcome back...missed you a bit.

  3. I love love love the oven! I am very lucky to be receiving this! Colour weave is fast becoming one of my favs too! Loving your camera block to purchase now :)

  4. I love the selvedges for knob handles. That's just too clever!

  5. wow!!! you rock. Selvedge is perfect, the whole thing is perfect!!!

  6. Pretty awesome! Lucky for me I'm not hooked on PP yet.

  7. You never cease to amaze me with the blocks you create! Love the oven :)

  8. Brilliant block Kristy, all those amazing details! You are really pulling off that retro vibe.

  9. Very creative away from the computer!

  10. Oh how I missed you!! Glad you are back! I will need your kitchen blocks; I love your stove, every detail is fun and perfect! Poor Australia and Aussie's, you have had a difficult weather season. I hope your weather can find a happy medium! Great work K!!

  11. Inspired to use the selvedge dots for your oven dials! Looks great!

  12. That oven is so cool! I am just planning my fabrics for the Feb block.

  13. Oh, wouldn't a red stove be wonderful ~ love your designs!

  14. The stove looks FANTASTIC! Your fussy cutting is so cute.

  15. Can't wait for your new patterns to come out! I'm seeing a mini quilt for my kitchen in the near future :)

  16. I love the retro stove and will purchase the pattern when you make it available! I'm working on the seam ripper BOM and having dyslexia makes paper piecing a true challenge! But I'm totally gonna make it work:) I can't wait to see what challenges I will have making the stove! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone with getting distracted away from sewing with the internet!


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