Friday, 1 February 2013

And Sew On – February Block

 Can you believe it’s February already? No, me neither. But on the upside, it’s time for the next block in the And Sew On BoM! Yay!

I hope you linked your block up for January as there are some great prizes on offer! I will post about those in the next day or two - can you wait that long?! While you wait, why don’t you get started on February’s block!

You Little Ripper - February block for And Sew On

This block features a quilter’s best friend – the seam ripper, the quick unpick, the unpicker, or Jack the ripper as I’ve heard it called. Thanks to the collaborative effort of the Wombats, our block has been named “You Little Ripper”.  Not sure if that’s a common phrase outside of Australia, but it means something like “you little beauty or otherwise fabulous thing”. Appropriate no?

I decided to stick with my theme colours for my blocks – aqua, purple, pink and a dash of black.
Here are my two blocks so far:

And Sew On - Jan and Feb blocks

Scuse the slight wonky edges – I haven’t yet taken the paper off and trimmed these. As it’ll be a few months until all the blocks are ready to be put together, I decided to keep the paper on to keep the blocks sturdy and safe.

You can find February’s block in my Craftsy shop. It is free for the month of February. Measure Twice (January’s block) is now available for purchase for those who might have missed out on the free pattern time!


For those who are new to paper pieced, I have done a tutorial on putting the block together. It is a little more involved than January’s block as it’s pieced in a few sections which are later joined together.
Quiet Play's Intro to Paper Piecing - Joining the Sections

You might also like to visit the tutorial on piecing angles as they can be a little tricky (best tip I can give – use bigger pieces of fabric than you think you need!). 
Paper Piecing angles

I hope you enjoy making the block and fingers crossed your own real life seam ripper doesn’t need to make too much of an appearance in the making of this one!

Oh and to encourage those of you who struggle with the sizes of fabric for piecing? Don’t feel bad. I under-estimated not once but twice in my block. Buggered if I’m going to unpick those teeny tiny seams – I just added a little extra fabric and Bob’s your uncle (well he is my uncle at least anyways).

Extra seam oops

So feeling encouraged?! Hehehe. Well I hope you’re keen at least to give it a go! Download the pattern, then make sure you pop back here and link up your finished block! Can’t wait to see it!
Need more encouragement then just sharing your fabulous work of fabric in the linky party? Okay, okay. There are yet more fabulous prizes on offer! You must link up to be in the running! (End link date is extended to 1st March Aussie time, for our international friends!)

1 scrap pack from Fabricworm

1 x $20 Gift Certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics
Pink Chalk

And a surprise from Fat Quarter Shop(Sorry my fault it’s a surprise – no internet due to moving house so haven’t yet finalised what this will be but hey who doesn’t love a good surprise of the fabric kind?!) 


So what are you waiting for? Check out the tutes, download the pattern and get sewing!

ETA: Please note that you may need to play around with the Page Setup for printing and make the page margins smaller (I set mine to 0.1 instead of 0.25) in order to make all the seam allowances show up on your pattern. I had hoped to add a third page and spread the pattern pieces out a bit more but EQ7 wasn't playing nice. Sorry :( 


  1. Don't we all do our fair share of reverse sewing?! Nothing handier than a stitch ripper when you've stuffed things up! Itching to get stitching on this block (hehehe!).

  2. Kriiiisstty!! Looking forward to putting this block together after I finish my words!! Hope things are unpacked and going well!!!

  3. yay! I'll be heading on over to download. My seam ripper is my best friend!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oooh, a bit smaller scale this time!!! Looking forward to it (just need the time, lol)

  6. Loving this block ~ the seam ripper is a great tool to have. Use it more often than I'd like. Thanks so much for such a great pattern!

  7. Glad to see you are back in the land of the connected Kristy, hope everything went well with the move.

    Where would we be without seam rippers? Looking forward to getting to grips with this block too.

  8. oh - my favourite tool - I love saying that cause I think its just a little bit true !!

  9. What a marvelous block you've designed! Soooo cute... Thank you!

  10. Whew I finished it just in time and am all linked up :)


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