Wednesday, 5 December 2012

WiP Wednesday – Hello Sewjo!

Happy to say I think my sewjo is returning! I got stuck into a few projects that were overwhelming me, finished them up and suddenly I feel a lot better about my ridiculously long handmade Christmas list! I guess sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it  – even when it comes to sewjo.

My big WiP at the moment is a quilt for my dad for Christmas. I have made the quilt top! Woo! I am on the way!
Pear Tree Quilt

This is the first quilt top I have designed in EQ7. Very simple, but I like it! Here’s a side by side comparison of the EQ7 image next to the fabric image!

Pear Tree quiltPear Tree Quilt

You can see I ended up missing off the border. Partly because I ran out of dark blue fabric. Partly because the quilt is already quite big. Okay, really, only because I ran out of dark blue fabric. But it is going to be a good size quilt!

P1000761 (480x640)Pear Tree Quilt close up

I love the Pear Tree fabric line. So pretty. I have had these squares cut up for a project for probably close to a year. I can’t even remember what I originally intended them for, but they worked beautifully for this quilt.

So now to make a back and I’m done. No need for batting/quilting as it’s going to be more of a lightweight doona cover type thing for Summer time. I hope he loves it. If not I’ll keep it at my house. Because I love it. :)

I also finished up the Polaroid quilts for my kidlets for Christmas. Those were the overwhelming projects that I really needed to tackle. Thrilled with how they turned out. Will dedicate a whole post to them later (yes, I’m that pleased that they are done!), but for now here’s a sneak peek.

Happy Polaroid quilts

I have also been working on some more paper pieced patterns too. A few under the sea animals. Not sure if they are a bit too cutesy. I do love the cute. They still need quite a bit of work. So if you never hear of them again, you know they didn’t work out and I have deleted the evidence of their existence (Note to self: Edit blog post if worst case scenario occurs).

Under the Sea

As for the sewing themed patterns… they are currently with testers (you might have seen a few popping up around blogland – the pattern testers have been doing a fabulous job!).   But you won’t be seeing those available quite yet or the new designs that go with them. I am thinking we are in need of a fun sewing themed paper piecing BoM next year! More on that later!

Oh yeah, quilty types! My sewjo is BACK! 

Linking up with WiP Wednesday – and this time there actually is progress! 

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  1. Your quilt for your dad is lovely, your sewjo is definitely back! Congrats on getting the polaroid quilts finished too, my polaroids are still in the bag you sent them in - untouched!

  2. YAY for sewjo! I swear, you are too hard on yourself. You've still managed to finish more this week than I've done all year. :)

    PS - loving the cutesy sea animals.

  3. Oh my goodness you have been sewing up a storm!! Your quilts all look great - can't wait to see the Polaroids in all their glory :-)

  4. So glad your sewjo has returned! Your dad's quilt it looking fabulous!

  5. Great quilt top! Paper piecing BoM sounds great!

  6. I was on the look out for your 100 Day Hustle list to see how you are doing but I am sure that you are fast tracking it this week with some finishes. Well done for pushing through the sewjo doldrums.

  7. Oh, I love your dad's quilt! I think it's better without the outer border, so it works out that the fabric ran out! Congrats on a hand-made Christmas. That's really awesome, and once I finish my masters, that's how my Christmases will be. I've been sad this year to not be able to do that. It sure takes time, doesn't it?!

  8. Very nice quilt for your Dad! I'm sure he will absolutely love it!

  9. Your sea animals are adorable!! And can't wait for the full reveal of your Polaroid block quilts...they look awesome!! Yay for BOM and your dads quilt looks amazing; I love the colors and design and look forward to seeing how you quilt it!! I can't believe how much you have accomplished this week!!

  10. I love the polaroid quilts - looking forward to a more detailed post! Well done on getting so much finished!

  11. I'm a big fan of the Thomas Knauer fabric, too, and love how you have used it in a way that really shows off that terrific cloth. Good for you for trying out the paper piecing--hope it works out so those cute sea animals will be around. And love the Polaroid quilt. I finished mine up this summer but haven't yet quilted it--soon!

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced today and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.

  12. I really like your quilt for your dad. Some fabrics just beg to be big pieces, and isn't it a nice surprise to find squares already cut that you had forgotten about! Sometimes I get stuck in a project that has to be finished FIRST; seems that is when I keep getting ideas for new starts, and it is hard to resist. Eventually, like you did, I get them finished.


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