Friday, 7 December 2012

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

 Hey ya! (See what I did there? No? Outkast? Song Title? No? Okay, moving on.)

So after many moons and much deliberation over patterns and fabric… my kids decided for me. The Polaroid swap blocks were to be made into two separate quilts in plain colours – rather than the one big rainbow of fabric glory that I imagined.

But hey, I got it done. And the kids now have their own quilts for Christmas. So really, I’m still happy (even without my rainbow Polaroid happiness – do I sound disappointed?!).

Polaroid Quilts

Names are blotted out to protect the mischevious innocent. And because I’m weird like that.

So I used the very clever Jane’s (from Where Jane Creates) method to wonkify my blocks. Check out her post here on how to do it. The only thing I changed was I used 2” strips around my blocks and cut the blocks back to 6” so there’s a bit more space around them.

Closeup of some PolaroidsClose up of polaroids 2

I sewed them together at random. I quite enjoyed looking through the blocks as I put the quilts together so I know the kids are going to love them!

Red Polaroid Quilt for J

With 40 blocks per quilt, it didn’t look right in a 5 x 8 arrangement. So I made the strips 6 blocks across and then appliqued the kidlets names in the bottom corner to fill in the blank space. Added borders and that was the quilt tops done!

Purple Polaroid quilt for L

Now you can see on the purple quilt, that I kinda stuffed up the backing. Here’s the thing. I used Minky. For the first time. With not enough pins. And it slipped. Resulting in a bit of wonkiness. I learnt my lesson when I did the red quilt (and didn’t have enough minky to re-do the purple one).

Backing with pink polka dot minkyBacking with red polka dot minky

But the upside of using the Minky… these were fast finishes. I didn’t use batting. I didn’t quilt. I didn’t add binding. Did the old pillowcase fliparoo, top stitched top and bottom and called it a quilt! Or two. (Okay so technically they probably aren’t quilts but you get what I mean).

Happy Polaroid quilts

They aren’t perfect, but they were made with love (and possibly a swear word or two). And now my kidlets have their own quilts to snuggle on the lounge without fighting. Hopefully.

Feel pretty good to get these done for Christmas. Last year’s handmade gifts for the kidlets included these:
Christmas Stockings

Now there’s a lot of work! Okay so Jaybird’s was made a few years back, but Lulu got hers last year. Each stocking was about 25 hours of hand stitching. They are from Bucilla Christmas kits. I love those! Hard to see in the photo but they are covered (and I mean covered) in sequins and glittery thread. So pretty.

So there you have it! I am on my way to getting my Christmas sewing done! Not even going to count how many days are left, because I still have quite a To Do list to tackle.

Might help if I work more on sewing and less on patterns. Having too much fun with paper piecing ideas! Here’s a sneak peek of one that is coming up (thanks to Gina for the great idea!)

Polaroid Camera 1

And here’s the newest one added to my Craftsy shop.

Bird and the moon

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  1. Sooo cute. I love the layout with their names - perfecto. I seriously need to get onto the pillowcase fliparoo action. ;)

    PS - um... those stockings are amazing! Like, seriously. Jaw-hit-the-floor amazing.

  2. I love the polaroid quilts!! They are fab. Am happy to roadtest that camera pattern for you too :)

  3. The quilts look fab- great idea to use minky for the extra snuggle factor! Love those stockings too - definitely worth the hours of stitching.

  4. Hey, 40 blocks more than me.. I am fixing to do me a pillow case quilt because I have to get into gear! I love those stockings, do you know I made all 4 of my kids those gorgeous stockings and one year they got thrown away.. OMG...... I still havent recovered from that. One yr now they are grown.. I will do something, because I will always tell santa to stuff the stockings even if its with coal.. lol

  5. Such a great idea for fun quilts. I love them, as I am sure the kids will.

  6. Your kids will have great fun with those quilts, they look lovely and cozy. Love the cute little bird pattern, you are really on a roll now with your patterning (think I just made that word up!).

    Fabulous stockings too!

  7. The stockings are amazing. Love the quilts too!

  8. The quilts look fantastic! I love how you have put their names on them too.

  9. I saw what you did there ;) Love how you have used the polaroid blocks x

  10. Love your blanket quilts and yay for 2 finishes!! It must be such a treat to pull out those stockings each year. I have some beaded ornaments I made a long time ago that were a lot of hand work to make and I love to see them every Christmas. You know I
    Ove your patterns...that camera makes me happy every time I see it!!

  11. Lovely!!! I'd love to do one of these... one day. it's a long list. :) Thanks for linking up

  12. Your polaroid quilts are lovely and the little birdie is a cutie!

  13. Well done Kristy, the quilts have finished up really nice. And OMG THE STOCKINGS! So much intricate work. They are gorgeous. Your kids are very lucky.

  14. I love those polaroid quilts, they look fab, great finish, and i'll be thte little ones would nver even notice any wonky backings!!

  15. I love that you made the Polaroids wonky. So cute! They'll love them.

  16. They look awesome with the wider margins around the photos! And I really love the layout with the names in the corners. Your kids are going to LOVE that minky. :)

  17. Very fun use of the polaroids!! And that paper pieced camera - LOVE that!!

  18. I love that camera pattern! And the quilts look great! The kids are going to love them :) So soft and fun to look at too!

  19. I love the quilts! I really want to make polaroid blocks one day. I have to say that I ADORE the camera. I just saw the fabric version over at 'Fabric Mutt". Now you have the first block for your 1980's paper-pieced block set;)


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