Friday, 28 December 2012

Do the Hustle… Final review

 Did I hustle? Why yes, yes I did.

Let’s review! Here’s how my list looks now:

1. Iris Wallhanging – Done!
Not only done, but I also managed a Daffodil wallhanging too!
P1000896 (640x480)

2. Diamond Stars – Done!
Diamond star quilt on the fence

3. I did not make a LEGO quilt for preschool after all – which I had said I was thinking of giving up the idea at the Halfway Hustle. I did however make some little tote bags for the teachers instead.
Apple print tote bags
4. Christmas paper piecing patterns – Done!
Not just done, but blog hopped and made into a Christmas quilt!
Christmas wallhanging
5. Glasses case for Mum Boomerang pillowcase – Done!
I changed my mind at the Halfway Hustle and turned this one into a pillowcase for Mum for Christmas.
XOXO quilt and pillow

6. Polaroid Block I-Spy quilt for kidlets for Christmas – Done!
In fact – two quilts done for the kidlets!
Polaroid Quilts

And as for my list of Who am I kidding projects:

1. The big family 90th birthday quilt for Nan – Started!
Fabric ordered, design picked, some embroidery started. But now I have decided to do a second autograph quilt for her. Must work on those blocks soon to send out with the invitations.

2. Seaside Cottage Spanish Tiles Clearly Needs a Better Name Quilt – Done!
And I’m still in love with this one.
Quiet Play Spanish Tiles in Seaside Cottage
Ooh yep I sure did hustle. I’m surprised at just how much I got done. Just takes a bit of motivation, accountability, oh and deadlines. Nothing like the idea of no presents under the tree to make one get a move on with sewing projects!

Thanks for the fun hustling Kelsey!
100 Day hustle


  1. Congratulations on doing such a good job finishing all these projetcs !! They are all great but I especially love the two Polaroid I-Spy quilts !

  2. Great hustling Kristy! The wall hangings turned out great and I still love your Spanish Tiles quilt too (love the aqua and red palette - must get out my 'Little Apples' jelly roll and make a quilt in these colours.).

  3. Amazeballs! I especially love the quilts for the kidlets and your daffodils. They look great next to your irises. I'm sure your mom loves them.

  4. I agree, a Christmas deadline (or any definite deadline) really focusses the mind (and fingers!).

  5. Congratulations on completing the Hustle, deadlines are obviously the way to go!

  6. I love those Iris quilts. Wonderful progress on the 100 Day Hustle!

  7. Wow you accomplished so much! Your iris and daffodil wall hangings look beautiful side by side !!

  8. Congratulations! You got so much done!

  9. The Iris and Daffodil wall hangings are stunning! and I loved your Spanish Tiles quilt so much, I went out and bought the book too. I have got everything together to do Spaghetti Junction. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  10. Great job on your list. I'm loving the Seaside Cottage Quilt!

  11. You are amazing! What a fantastic bunch o' finishes for you!

  12. Wow! Good for you Kristy because there were some seriously wonderful and ambitious projects in there for you to do. Glad your thyroid was working for those 100 days!

  13. Congrats on all of the finishes!
    From a not-so-efficient hustler :)

  14. your spanish tiles came out so pretty! congratulations on all those finishes.

  15. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  16. So pretty. The Spanish Tiles one is so strikingly beautiful. Nice job on the hustle!

  17. Congratulations, loved your teachers' bags I'm sure they'll be useful.

  18. You really got so much finished on your list! Love the Polaroid quilts!


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