Friday, 28 December 2012

A Fast Finish Friday

 So I thought I had a bit more time to make this last Christmas gift. But apparently days have been slipping by without me noticing. Or paying close attention.

It suddenly dawned on me that I needed to have a gift made for my sister for our little Christmas get together. Which is tonight. Fortunately I remembered this yesterday and got busy sewing.

So a fairly quick project but so fun and I love how it turned out.

Ornate Simple Color

I used some of a Simply Color charm pack (I think I need more – it’s so pretty) and paired it with dark grey homespun.

The pattern is Ornate by The Sometimes Crafter. This is the second one I’ve done. The first one I made with Echino and linen.

Ornate mini quilt in Echino and linen

It’s a great pattern – and a nice way to play with curves without too much risk! I actually found these curves fairly easy to sew (hence revisiting the pattern for a second time!).

This time however, I made sure not to use any directional prints. That made it a lot easier!

Basic quilting

Rather simple quilting (for a change, I know!) just to echo the curves and the diamond shape.

Back of the wallhanging

I added hanging pockets on the back so it can be a wallhanging, or it can just be laid flat as table runner thingamajig.

Simply Color Ornate

Rather pleased with how it turned out with such a short amount of time to sew. I really need to keep track of the days better. Holidays seem to do that – make all the days fly by. Which is also my excuse for two blog posts in one day. But now I’m caught up with my Hustle post done and something for TGIFF Friday. Whew!



  1. Pretty!! I've heard this is a good curves beginner pattern??

  2. It's lovely Kristy.

    Know what you mean about the days disappearing too, have lost complete track of what day of the week it is.

  3. I like the curved piecing. That would be a fun little tutorial!

  4. Beautiful! I love the colors!! Have a fun Christmas celebration!!

  5. Oh, I totally forgot about TGIFF. It's lovely! Those curves are really nice! I had to look up what thingamajig means, lol. There is always something to learn.

  6. How lovely, how did ou get the background between the cubes? It looks great

  7. I love this pattern, Kristy. I've been seeing it everywhere, and I'm feeling the urge to try it myself next year. Your versions are beautiful!


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