Friday 30 November 2012

Sew Seasonal – Linky Party

 We’ve been talking about it for the past month, now it’s finally here! No not Christmas yet, but it’s almost as exciting! It’s time for the Sew Seasonal Linky Party! Yay!

Alyce and I are very much looking forward to seeing what you’ve made with the Sew Seasonal patterns – and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the chance at some prizes!

Before we get to the linky party, let’s have a little show and tell. Alyce and I came up with the bright idea (slight sarcasm there) to sew something fabulous with all 25 of our patterns! It was such a good idea in theory, but in practice, it was a an effort to get it all happening in time amidst the rest of the Christmas sewing! But tada! It is finished!

So unfortunately, mine’s not as fabulous as I had planned. I tossed up the idea of a bunting, a cushion, a quilt… and settled on your everyday wallhanging. Wait, no it can’t really be used for every day, so a special occasion wallhanging!

P1000723 (640x480)

I went the easy route. Sewed the blocks together in rows of 5 and then appliqued some happy looking letters to celebrate the season with a bright red “Merry Christmas!”.

P1000729 (640x480)

It was a complete happy accident that I had the right amount of blocks with green and red backgrounds. I had originally planned to randomise all the block backgrounds, but forgot when I made the ornamental blocks and used just white! But it works, so I”m totally going to pretend that was intentional!

P1000731 (640x480)

Some hanging corners on the back and it’s ready for December to arrive to we can display it with Christmas cheer!

P1000730 (640x480)P1000728 (640x480)

So there you have it! That was my grand attempt at using 25 blocks in the one project! Alyce was far more creative than me and she managed an advent calendar! Do pop over to Blossom Heart Quilts and check it out -  it’s pretty fabulous!

Now it’s your turn – whether you used just one block, or all 25, let’s see what you made! The linky party is up on both my blog and Alyce’s (but we have shared the code so you only need to link up on one of our blogs and it’ll work on both! Interwebs magic).

Need a refresher on the awesome prizes for linking up?
A huge thank you to our sponsors for joining in our Sew Seasonal fun! Make sure you check them out while dreaming about winning one of these!

2 x $10 vouchers (launch day prizes have already been awarded!)
Joy by Kate Spain - full fat quarter bundle + panel (oh yes a FULL bundle!). This prize will be given to the project picked as a favourite by none other than Kate Spain herself!! 

2 x $25 vouchers
1 x $25 voucher
1 x $30 gift voucher
Japanese Christmas fabric - fat eighth bundle
Cherry Christmas Charm pack

Oh and if you haven’t made anything yet, it’s not too late! The linky party is open for one week. You can find the Sew Seasonal patterns in our Craftsy shops (paper pieced patterns here, rotary cut patterns here).

Can’t wait to see what you’ve made! Thanks for joining in the Sew Seasonal madness!


  1. Great idea to alternate the paper pieced blocks with the Ornamental blocks. Looks fabulous - I love that baby Jesus is the centre!

  2. A very happy accident that looks totally intentional. well done.

  3. Your wall hanging is super :) Very festive and fun!!Thanks for such a fun hop and for sharing the patterns!

  4. Your wall hanging is great and finished well before Christmas so even better!

  5. Your wall hanging looks great from here! Thanks for organising this! It has been fun!

  6. Your wall hanging is so festive and fun!! My favorite part is the alternated colored backgrounds and can't believe how even the colors worked out for being an accident! Thanks so much for organizing this fun event and for all the patterns! I have made something to link up but since I have another week I am going to try to make something else, too. Have a good weekend!n

  7. It looks great and so fabulously festive :) Thanks for such a fun hop!

  8. Your wall hanging looks fantastic! I like the happy accident of the background colors! And you probably won't be surprised to know that I love the cute fabrics you used for the ornaments!

  9. I love it! All those little blocks are so cute and I bet the kids will love looking at all the pictures and tell the story of Christmas.

  10. Oh I love how it turned out. You are such a clever little Chicky!


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