Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WiP Wednesday – bit of this and a bit of that

 I’m all over the shop. I have so much to do and yet I can’t seem to get any of it done! Argh, sewjo, return!!

I’m trying to force the sewjo by working on a few things. I started on one of my Polaroid block quilts. That’s right. Quilts. Plural. I had grand ideas of a big Polaroid block quilt for my kidlets to share. They had other ideas. They’d like one each. Purple for Lulu (2.5) and red for Jaybird (5). Right. Two quilts. Before Christmas. Sure kids. That’s how much I love you.

Ready to sewWonkified

So Lulu’s blocks have been sashed with purple and then cut back to 6” blocks, slightly wonkified. I want the blocks to have a bit of movement to them so I blatantly copied Jane’s fabulous idea. Have you seen her amazing rainbow Polaroid quilt? I’ve blatantly stolen it to post here (just kidding, I asked her first!).

Where Jane Creates Rainbow Polaroids

So now I need to get busy and sew my blocks together. Then start on the red version. Along with all the other things I have planned.

Like this quilt I drew up in EQ7. One of these versions is going to be for my fantastic dad for Christmas. Just need to decide which colour scheme I like best (because it’s all about me).

The diamonds are Pear Tree fabrics that I have already cut into 8” squares. That’s one thing I love about EQ7 – I can use swatches of the actual fabrics I’m planning to use to see how it looks.

Pear Tree quiltPear Tree quilt 2

Then there’s the Storybook Lane fabric house panel to make, the wallhanging and boomerang pillow cover for my Mum, something for my sister and… I am seriously running out of time.

Talking about running out of time (how did you like that segueway?!) it’s nearly time for the linky party for Sew Seasonal! Ooh yes – can’t wait!

Sew Seasonal

Come back here on November 30th and link up what you’ve been making with the Sew Seasonal patterns. You still have a day or two to make something if you can be all Speedy Gonzales at the sewing machine.

Christmas Paper Pieced PatternsChristmas Ornaments

The patterns are still half price in our Craftsy stores – for a few more days anyways. Then it’s time to make those patterns work to pay for our fabric stashes. (click the above pics for links to shop! Yay!)
Can’t wait to see what you’ve been making! Plus, there are prizes on offer! You can check out the full list of prizes, sponsors and fun here. So my friends, get sewing seasonally and come back in a few days for a chance to win something fab!

As for me… I’m off to tackle my giant “Sew Much To Do” List. Wish me luck. I need it.

Linking up with WiP Wednesday. Keeping me accountable.


  1. You are reminding me that I need to do something with my polaroids too! I love the design for the quilt for your dad - our dads are both receiving quilts for Christmas!
    Do you have a pattern/tute that you use for the boomerang pillowcase? My boys use those pillows and we don't have a lot of cases - I would love to make them one to match their quilts :)

  2. Oh you're such a good Mummy. Lucky kids!!

    Glad to hear your sewjo is returning, even if it's slightly forced. Sometimes we all just need a good shove in the right direction. ;)

  3. Very fun to see your polaroids becoming quiltS!

  4. you have accomplished a lot of prep work this week!! you should win mom of the year for making each of your kids a quilt in such a short time! and what a beautiful design you came up with for your dad... or should i say handsome since it is a manly quilt. I have been working away on a quilt for one of my boys for Christmas but i may need to put it on hold and put on my Speedy Gonzales cape. I would love to be able to link up...not just for the prizes but for all the work you girls put in to having a fun blog hop!! I am right there with you with a giant Sew Much to do List... good luck or should i say wishing you seam ripper free sewing!! :)

  5. Jane's quilt is gorgeous, isn't it? Can't wait to see yours! Such a great way to use the polaroid blocks :) I was hoping to make another Sew Seasonal project but don't know if I'll make it by Friday... Too distracted by the possibility of getting back to my rainbow I Spy quilt ;)

  6. Your Polaroid quilts are going to look amazing and I like both versions you have mocked up for your dad. You just need a few of Santas little sewing elves to help you with your to do list now!

  7. I can't wait to see the Polaroid quilt when it is finished. What a fun idea.

  8. Gosh that is a list and a half, I take it you are not expecting to sleep anytime soon!

  9. Yes I feel overwhelmed for you, so best of luck with three quilts to do.

  10. That rainbow polaroid is awesome. And you are an awesome mom for doing two before Christmas! Can't wait to see them!

  11. I am in love with that polaroid quilt - brilliant idea!

  12. The polaroid quilt in the rainbow colours is fabulous!

  13. I really love all the Polaroid quilts I'm seeing. So fun!

  14. Busy lady! I've seen that rainbow polaroid and it was the first time I was actually thinking about making one myself. Looking forward your versions too.


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