Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Stash

I actually haven’t added anything new this week (shock horror!) but I haven’t yet shared photos of one of my recent arrivals!

One of my gorgeous friends gave me a $50 gift voucher to Wrapped in Fabric (Aussie online quilt shop_ for my birthday. So thoughtful and generous!! I’ll have to make her something super awesome for Christmas.
I made the most of the voucher, shopping during a 30% off sale and free shipping. Woo!

Wrapped in Fabric 1

A little bit of everything! Echino, Aviary 2, some good stash builder fabrics and a couple of solids.

Wrapped in Fabric 2

More Echino, some Kokka, Pear Tree and other assorted lovelies. In a crooked photo. Oops.

Wrapped in Fabric 3

These two are my favourites. Top is Fox Hollow by Monaluna (the cuteness of it, seriously!!) and the bottom one is Sewing Bird Labels. by Tilda – realllly cute little labels with vintage sewing machines (one of these will work it’s way into my Queen Bee Wombat Stew block!). 

So that about ends my fabric inundation of late. I’m mostly on a self-imposed fabric ban now. I say mostly because I need some more fabric for Christmas gifts (that’s right, neeeed, I really need it, geez fabricaholic or what?!) but I reckon if it’s for specific projects, that doesn’t count as new fabric really. It counts as saving me time traipsing the stores trying to find the perfect Christmas gift! I think I can justify anything fabric related – you too? Winking smile

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  1. Hmmmm, I think it still counts as new fabric even if it's for a new project. You've been spending too much time with me!

  2. Ooooh nice! You sure did make the most of that voucher!

  3. Yes I have to agree that you got true value for only $50...and great that you scored free shipping. That Tilda range is featured at Simply Crafts in Yamba - mostly pale and pastel girly prints. Very pretty.

  4. That is a great friend! And it looks like you are a wise shopper!

  5. Wow, that gift voucher went a long way! Well done, some gorgeous prints in there!!

  6. Gotta love a gift voucher for fabric - world's best pressie! Great timing to get the free delivery and percentage off. I'm definitely staying away from any more fabric between now and Christmas. No more swaps (after the ones I am currently in!) either as I am definitely overstocked with fabric and its now overflowing out of my storage! I will live vicariously through other people's stash additions!

  7. That's some great stash enhancment! :) Fox Hollow is such a cute line!

  8. Great stash fabrics.
    I am loving that one with Dandelions on - one I haven't seen before, so I think I might have to track that one down.
    p.s. any news on your sushi block? I am getting desperate here ;0)


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