Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Stash – the sale edition

Perhaps that should read the sale “addition” because boy did I add to my stash this week! Spotlight had 40% off all quilting fabric! How ridiculously fun!

I coerced my mum into coming with me (she’s the best fabric enabler around – wise move on my part) and ended up with even more fabric. Mum asked if I’d make a baby quilt for some family types who are expecting a new baby girl. So we had a bit of fun picking out this sweet girly fabric line.

Princess Plethora

Princesses and castles and carriages and Frog Princes! Too cute! I’m thinking I’ll make one of the quilts from the Living Large 2 book with these.

Scoured the clearance section (also 40% off!) for some fabrics to use for backings.

Backing fabrics

That greeny solid in the background? I got umpteen metres of that at $2.80 a metre. No idea what I’ll use it for – but isn’t that the quilter’s way? Buy on sale, just in case! I’m sure it’ll get used Smile

Odds n Ends

I was quite restrained on these – just 1/4m cuts as I have no real plans for them. The stripey one? It’s a Henry Glass print – who knew you could find Henry Glass at Spotlight! The Aussie prints I just couldn’t resist. They are such sweet prints!

In addition to that, I took a big step to classifying myself as a real quilter. I ordered an entire bolt of white. Oh yes. 15m of white homespun. If I paid on the day, they were happy to give me the 40% off discount. I could not pass that up. $62.50 for 15m of fabric? Yes please!  Now to wait til it arrives! I also finally got a bunch of batting (also on sale – woohoo!) so am very keen to baste my Spanish Tiles quilt. Okay I’m not keen to do the actual basting but I am keen to getting it closer to finished!
And a couple more little things to add – these are from some lovely quilty gals!

Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches sent me some beautiful linen from Latvia – look at this fabulous car print! Lovely generous lady sent me a whole heap! Mr 5 will certainly benefit from this!

Car linen

Marieka from Bespoke Bites gave me all these sweet little owl prints – knowing that my Lulu (2) is a bit owl-obsessed these days. You can bet she spotted these before we even got out of the car and immediately claimed them with her second favourite word “Mine mine!” (First favourite is “No” of course).


Whew! So with all those gorgeous additions – I’m not sure if my fabric cupboard is going to close. But I’m certainly not complaining. The more fabric the better Winking smile

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  1. He he he. You're naughty! I'm off to SL today - but strictly for curtaining only. Um, yeah, sure. ;)

  2. I love the owls and the kangaroos best of all. And I also love that you quilt about what you bought and show it off. I sometimes feel a bit guilty when I do that so wanted to let you know that it is fun, fun, fun to look at fabric even if it is not part of a project-to-be yet.

  3. It's great therapy to go out and get a good bargain that you know you will use... No stash is never too big.

  4. So glad that Lulu liked the owls!

  5. You NEVER can have enough fabric :-)

  6. I agree - you can never have too much fabric! You got some lovely ones and even sweeter that they were on sale!

  7. How fun. Fabrics on sale and shopping with mom! Looking forward that sweet girlie baby quilt.

  8. Such great fabric additions for your stash! I'm sure you'll be using those prints in no time.

  9. haha, I haven't started buying fabric by the bolt yet, but I have bought batting by the roll. It is lovely to have it on hand when needed.

  10. Wow a whole bolt? You will use it though. I will come and check on your cupboard in January.


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