Sunday, 21 October 2012

Letter of the Day is… S

 S is for Sunday Stash!

Not too much to share as I have been very good on my no fabric buying (it doesn’t count til the fabric’s actually in my hands does it? So I don’t need to mention the parcel on its way…). But I have been fortunate to receive some fabulous scraps from a gorgeous bloggy friend!

Gina from Party of Eight: Our Story (Gina has 6 kids and finds time to sew – amazing! Definitely check out her blog – some gorgeous stuff happening there) is an honourary Aussie in the Say Cheese Polaroid Block swap I’m hosting. In addition to her blocks, she sent me some fabulous scraps – some charm square size – including… some Nursery Versery! Bit of excitement! Thank you Gina!

S is for Scraps!

Fab scraps

Next up isn’t quite a fabric addition to the stash, but it will help with the stash. I’ve mentioned it before, but let’s make it official and include it in Sunday Stash.

S is for Sewing book! (Okay that’s a stretch but I’m sticking with my “S” theme!)

Living Large 2 quilt book

This is the book I have been rabbiting on about of late. I bought it for the Spanish Tiles pattern which I adore. But it has some other really gorgeous patterns in it too.

Living Large 2 patterns

That’s the Spanish Tiles on the left that I love, and I am thinking the Simple Gifts may be my next project? I love that this book focuses on showcasing large print fabrics in the patterns. The patterns are designed by Heather Mulder Peterson (she blogs at Anka’s Treasures) and are really gorgeous.

This is my take on the Spanish Tiles (just because I want to show it off again hehe). I’m using a FQ bundle of Seaside Cottage which is also designed by Heather Mulder Peterson.

Seaside Cottage with borders

The Spanish Tiles pattern was listed as Advanced so I started that with some trepidation but honestly, I didn’t have too much trouble! The pattern was so great, my points nearly always lined up! Miracle! Oh and I’m not associated with Anka’s Treasures in any way (I wish!), I’m just a bit of a newly converted fangirl!

Sunday Stash is over at Gemma’s place today – so pop over to Pretty Bobbins to link up!

Sunday Stash button

S is for... Super new pattern release?

Yeah I know - that was pathetic. But I wanted to tell you that my owl pattern is now in my Craftsy shop - thank you to the lovely testers who tried this one out for me!

And lastly on my “S” theme…

S is for Sew Seasonal!
Sew Seasonal

A new blog hop starting right here and right there (Blossom Heart Quilts) on the 1st November. Over 13 days, we have 25 bloggers sharing projects made with some Christmas themed patterns Alyce and I designed. Not only that, there will be prizes and a chance for you to make something with our patterns too! So watch out for that – more will be revealed soon!

And that’s about it. S is for Sunday which means quilt group today! Can’t wait to catch up with my quilty gals this afternoon! Hope you manage some sewing too! Smile


  1. Your owl pattern is very cute! I worked on my pattern for the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop yesterday and I am pretty chuffed with what I achieved! Can't wait to share it!

  2. S certainly is the letter of the day! Glad you like your scraps;I was so glad I got to participate in your swap! Your next quilt pattern looks like a winner and I can't wait to see what you have lined up for the blog hop. Your owl pattern is adorable and I love all the variations. It is Saturday night here but I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

    1. Lovely to pop in some scraps Gina. We love RASK - Random Acts of Scrap Kindness. Nice to have you in the Polaroid swap too.

  3. I really like that Simple Gifts pattern too! That little owl is so cute - it would look so cool replicated over and over as a baby quilt.

  4. That Simple Gifts pattern is beautiful! I love your blog hop button...wish I could have joined in with you. I can't wait to see all the fun!!

    1. Aren t you hosting a great blog hop at the moment Heidi? I have not got the
      Pattern but I love seeing those Amy Butler weekender bags show up around the place.

  5. S is for Super! Super owls, super quilt :)

  6. I love those patterns and your quilt top, so pretty and such a perfect match! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Your alliteration was very clever today. Witty as usual.

  8. Your Spanish Tiles quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  9. Such a fun themed day, those scraps are so cute! =D

  10. I love your version ofmthe Spanish Tiles quilt. The colours (great Aussie spelling!!) are so vibrant and who can resist and the aqua and red combo. Looking forward to the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop. Cheers, Karen

  11. Your quilt is lovely and I'm looking forward the Simple Gifts project.

  12. I LOVE your Spanish Tiles quilt, very pretty!

  13. Wow! Your Spanish quilt is S-ensational!!! :)

  14. I love your fabric choice for the spanish tile, it looks alive! I too don't want to buy any more fabric before using up some that I have but it's so hard with all the new fabics coming out. I keep saying "resist!" But it's hard!


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