Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wanted: Pattern Testers

So I am starting to get quite a few paper pieced patterns that desperately need testing. Some I have tried myself, some I haven’t yet. I just don’t have time for all the ideas my brain keeps coming up with, or the projects I have planned! So want to help me out?


You do need to love paper piecing for starters Winking smile Considering all of my patterns are paper pieced, that’s pretty much a must for the sake of your sanity hehe.

I’d really love constructive feedback – even suggestions on how it could be pieced better or the general design improved. As long as you don’t say “I hate your patterns, you really suck”, I promise not to be offended. Much. Hehe kidding!

owl 2

A quick-ish turn around would be great (preferably less than two weeks). That’s just more so I can keep track of everything, plus some patterns are time critical as they are for blog hops coming up.
 Secret stuff

 If you’re keen, please send an email my way to quietplayblog @ gmail dot com. Let me know your confidence level in paper piecing (confident beginners welcome!), your blog/flickr for stalking purposes and if you have the time and patience to try out some of these patterns of mine!

Thank you lovely bloggy types! Smile


  1. Your patterns looks great! I would like to help you out but I haven't tried PP yet. I planned to try it but some hexagons crossed my way instead :-)

  2. I sent you an e-mail about testing the patterns. Please let me know if you didn't get it :)

  3. I'd really love to have a go at paper piecing the Sushi plate, sending you an email now :)

  4. Just sent you an email -- I'd love to try that sushi plate!

  5. Hello Kristy, do you still need to test more patterns? Count me in :)

  6. Just seen your post, you know I will gladly test patterns for you if you ever need a tester, or if you don't know you should :)

  7. I would love to! Let me knownif you still need people!


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