Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not so much progress Wednesday

 I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my time lately, but it hasn’t been sewing! I fully intended to have some more Diamond Stars to add to the pile – but not a single one.

I have been drawing up some paper piecing patterns though – that’s been rather time consuming! Thank you lovely bloggy gals who have volunteered to be pattern testers! I have hopefully answered all of the emails I received! So there are a few patterns now on their way to be tested, then soon listed in my Craftsy shop.

A few little owls – couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so all three variations will be included in the one pattern.

Quiet Play Happy owlQuiet Play Wise owlQuiet Play Little Owl

A special request for a lovely bloggy friend:

Stork 2

And the first of a few little Japanese cuisine themed blocks for the Wombat Stew Bee. I know you’ve seen the Sushi plate a time or two, but I’m always happy to share it again ;)

Sushi platter

The other blocks are still under wraps as the girls are working on piecing them. Have to say that’s been a really fun challenge. Some of the girls have given me little sketches, or photos as inspiration for what they’d like in a block, and I got the fun part of turning them into paper pieced blocks. They have also been so generous as to give me permission to offer their blocks for sale later down the track. Watch out for those! So far our little paper piecing bee is off to a great start!

The Polaroid blocks are also coming along nicely! It really is a bit of fun finding the perfect fussy cut prints in my stash!

Blocks 2

There are 5 spots left in the Say Cheese! Polaroid Block swap group – and we’re including honourary Aussies. So if you think drinking beer is a national pastime, understand that thongs are something worn on your feet (trust me, they look very different to the other type of thong!) and can manage a decent “G’day mate”, feel free to come join our swap! Winking smile Just keep in mind, you will need to post your blocks 1-2 weeks earlier than the rest of the group.

Polaroid Block Swap

As for my other long term WiP – the memory quilt for my Nan’s 90th. There is a little progress there! My swatch fabric arrived from Spoonflower – thrilled! The text is a snippet of a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother before they got enaged. So lovely. Now I know it prints well – I’d best order yardage.

Script fabric

I also think I finally have a plan for the quilt! I have ordered a crazy amount of green solids to make a tree – not technically a family tree. Our family is way too complicated for that – but I do plan on embroidered family members names on the leaves. I’ll be using this pattern from Don’t Look Now I think. Good thing I have 6 months to work on this right?!

So that’s my bit of progress or lack thereof! I do have some secret squirrels projects that will be coming up soon! First one is up on Friday for my day on the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop! Would love if you pop back then – will have a free paper piecing pattern included in my post! :)


Linking up my minimal bit of progress with WiP Wednesday. It might actually spur me onto making something a bit more interesting to share this time next week!



  1. Oh my, so much to comment on! :)

    The letter looks great and I still love the idea so much that I might actually have to nick and tweak it one day.

    The owls are all awesome. I'm partial the the third but that might simply be due to the stronger colour contrast.

    My G'day mate is said to be rather good, but I'm not so fond of beer (yep, as a German nevertheless) and despite an inkling I had to google thongs to make sure. Then again, I'm way too pressed for time atm anyway. Shame.

  2. What a special, thoughtful touch to add the letter to your quilt ( besides being a great idea and a great print!) !! Once I finish my Polaroid blocks I am going to purchase 1 or 2 of your patterns and give paper piecing a try. I was leaning towards the umbrella ( love the pouches you made with it) or the bird. Do you think those would be fine for a beginner?

  3. That sushi plate is fun. I have no progress on anything, I can't catch up since the school started. Hope to get in shape soon :-)

  4. Love it all! I am planning my fabric for the sushi block and will be joining the swap on flikr in a minute, though I still can't call flip flops thongs ;-)

  5. Such fun looking blocks!! The owls are so cute.
    Woooo I get to be an honourary Aussie! =D

  6. Your blog is always so bright and crisp and brimming with great ideas. I love the owls- all three versions. Though I did feel a bit like that HIghlights magazine game where you need to spot the differences in the pictures :•). I have curious been about Spoonflower. I am now motivated to try them out.

  7. Aw, that Spoonflower fabric is to die for! So special and sentimental and cool. :) Love your blocks, too. xoxo

  8. Okay, so middle owl is the cutest ever in my opinion! :) Had sushi for lunch, I love your sushi block! The spoonflower fabric came out awesome, it was such a great idea of using that letter!

  9. Love the owls! The Spoonflower fabric looks perfect, looking forward to seeing what you do with it eventually! You are a star, but then I have told you that before :)


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