Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Finish – Umbrella pouches

So technically TGIFF is about sharing your finished projects – as a way to encourage you to finish up your WiPs. But what are you to do when one of your gorgeous friends is the hostess for the week and you want to link up and don’t have anything nearly finished? Why make something especially for TGIFF, of course!

More umbrellas

In my defence, I had been intending to make these little pouches for awhile, using a 4" version of my umbrella pattern - it was just the mad rush to have a finish on a Friday that spurred me on to make them now. Plus I want to send you over to Alyce’s awesome blog (Blossom Heart Quilts) to see her fabulous transport I-Spy quilt. While you’re there, you might even manage to sneak in on her PPP blog hop giveaway plus she’s having an I-spy giveaway! Giveaways galore! Definitely check it out! What? Two giveaways aren’t enough? Then you better go over to Marieka’s blog and see what she has on offer too!

Right so back to the umbrella pouches. I mostly used scraps for piecing the umbrellas. At 4” they are the perfect size to use up scraps!

Aqua and pink brolly

A little bit of Lush with a random pink solid, and pink Essential Dots inside:

Pink inside

A little bit of Vintage Modern with some leftover red, and red Essential Dots inside:

Red brolly
Red inside

And last but not least a rainbow brolly. This one was not so scrappy. I actually cut into my bundle of Essential Dots for this one.

Rainbow brolly
Yellow inside

I bought this fantastic rainbow FQ bundle of Essential Dots from Sew Lux Fabrics.I’m tempted to buy another one as I don’t ever want to run out of this! So delicious!

Rainbow dots

So there you have it. A mad rush for a quick finish so I can link up with TGIFF this week!

umbrellas lined up
TGIFF 2_new

And while we’re talking Linky parties – Diane at From Blank Pages has started a new one to share projects you are planning! My big planned project at the moment is the Lego play mat I”m making for my son’s birthday. Here’s a sneak peek of the layout.

Sneak peek

And in fabric:

Lego progress

Yeah a jumbled mess of colours! So it’s very much a beginning project – I haven’t even trimmed up the paper pieced Lego bricks yet! I have big hopes for this project but we’ll have to see how it goes! My son spotted the layout picture on the computer (wasn’t smart of me to “hide” it on the desktop was it?!) and was quite taken with it. I don’t think he has made the connection between the picture and the piles of fabric sitting around the place. Yet. It’d be nice to be able to keep something a surprise for his birthday!


And lastly… a word on the Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop – it has been such fun so far and there are still more gorgeous projects waiting to be shared (plus a little announcement on Sunday about prizes!)! Check out our Pinterest board for what’s been shared so far. And go here to see the schedule for who’s hopping when. Today sees Sally from Sally Bally Creations sharing a gorgeous apron, and tomorrow is QuiltJane’s turn! Hope you’ll visit some of the hoppers and leave them a comment!

PPP Blog hop header


  1. You are most definitely the best umbrella zippered pouch make I've ever known :P

  2. I am loving the Vintage pretty!

  3. I've made a few pouches, too! :) Yours are adorable as ever. The Lego quilt will look great from what I can glean from your 'mess of colours'. Such a cool idea.

  4. Perfect pouches with wonderfully matched lining!

  5. So cute! Those umbrellas are adorable!

  6. I never get sick of those little paper-pieced umbrellas!

    Glad to see your lego quilt is coming along. I can't wait to see more!

  7. Loving those I just know one is for me right? =P
    Cool looking layout for the Lego play mat.fingers crossed he doesn't catch on =D

  8. Those little pouches are adorable! LOVE the Essential Dots colors. And the Lego project looks like so much fun. Good luck!

  9. What awesome little pouches! I love the umbrellas (thanks for the link too)

  10. The pouches are so cute and the lego playmat is going to be awesome!

  11. Loving the lego man...we have a thing about Lego in our house - even though everyone is well over 21!


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