Monday, 6 August 2012

A blocky kind of day

I haven’t done too much work on bigger projects of late – it seems to be lots of individual blocks. Sometimes it’s fun just to work on blocks in between big projects. Refreshing ! Of course, now you might see why I need something like the Practically Paper Piecing blog hop – I need inspiration on what to make with all these refreshing blocks!

Some of today’s offerings though are actually Bee blocks. So someone else can decide what they’re going to do with them!

This one is for Laura of Quokka Quilts. She’s being very creative and brave in her choice. As in she’s giving us quite a bit of freedom in what we make! The guidelines are – Mondrian inspired, using black, white, and primary colours, sized between 8” and 12”. Here’s mine.

August block

I thought about cutting the pieces to size and stitching it together… thought a bit more about my cutting and piecing skills… thought a bit more about how they are not exactly stellar… Got sidetracked by paper piecing… Lightbulb! Paper piece this block! It was a breeze to paper piece and gave me beautiful crisp lines. I’ve since drawn up a few other blocks for some of the other Bee girls who want to paper piece theirs too. That’s right, I’m sharing the paper piecing love.

Mondrian for LaraMondrian for BevMondrian

This is the other August block for another Bee group I’m in. Rainbow star flowers for Sally (using this tutorial).
August Blocks

And then something for me! Tested out a little train pattern to go with my transport themed blocks. It worked out okay for me, so it’s off with Diane of From Blank Pages for testing now.


I also trialled a little something for an upcoming blog hop I’m in. Bit pleased with it - not too shabby! Well you might think it looks better if you realise that it’s small – as in 4” x 6” small. If all goes well with Kati testing it for me (and it doesn’t make her want to tear her hair out), it’ll be a freebie pattern available here on my blog next month during the super secret, super awesome blog hop that’s coming up.


And that’s my show and tell for the day Winking smile If you’re in the mood for some more paper piecing (and who wouldn’t be?) head over to Charise’s blog to see the cutest little purse!  Don’t forget to check out these girls this week too (possible there might be a giveaway or two happening too – don’t miss out!)

Mon 6th Charise from Charise Creates
Tues 7th Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts
Wed 8th Kiera from Kizzie’s Korner
Thurs 9th Marieka from Bespoke Bites
Fri 10th Sally from Sally Bally Creations
Sat 11th Jane from QuiltJane
Off to make yet another block… Just can’t help myself.


  1. Aw the train is gorgeous!! And I'm sure Laura will love her blocks :)

  2. Lots of great blocks here! Your train is very cute!

  3. Ok Ok what's this secret blog hop girl? You've got to give more clues than a tiny block! I love your Mondrian blocks...they look great together don;t they?

  4. I really like your Mondrian blocks. I had no idea that's what they were called. Now I've googled it and have learned something new today!
    The Rainbow star flowers look very pretty, too. And of course the your new paper pieced blocks look fun. The last one looks quite involved.

  5. Love those rainbow star flowers! I see a use for my rainbow charms here I think! I love the mondrian block too, saw a photo of a mondrian inspired quilt a few months back and love the clean, crisp look of it. Nice blocks all round!

  6. What awesome paper piecing! Loving those blocks. Its amazing how versatile paper piecing actually is =D

  7. They are all great blocks. I adore paper piecing and those rainbow stars are fantastic!

  8. Laura does love her blocks! Awesome! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! The primary color and rainbow star blocks are so gorgeous!! I love them!


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