Monday, 23 July 2012

Texting while Sewing

I saw this challenge over at During Quiet Time and thought, huh text in sewing, love it but I don’t think I have any ideas so I’ll just watch from afar.

Then I had an idea – inspired by Mama Said Sew. I love that fabric line – lots of cute text prints in there too – all quilting related. The contest is open til the end of August but once this idea got into my head, it had to be made. Like right now. So I’m an earlybird. Maybe I’ll have to make another block or two to enter – if inspiration strikes!

Anyways, this block. Inspiration struck for this. It combines two things I love – quilting and reading. So what better than a little paper pieced block I drew up that I’m calling The Quilter’s Bible.

Quilter's Bible

Reason #603 why I love paper piecing.
Tiny Ohio Star

I can make stupidly small blocks (2.5” small) that I would never be able to manage with regular piecing. And feel free to call me crazy for such small paper piecing. It wouldn’t be the first time hehe.

Reason #1 why I hate paper piecing.

Unpicking. Need I say more? Ok details – I unpicked this three times to try to get the seams to line up just right in the end. Still not perfect, but I think the block is at least recognisable as an Ohio Star.

Ohio Star

A bit of text print for the captions…

And some text to represent directions on how to sew the blocks plus some selvedge love for a bookmark…
Quilter's bible close up

So I may have taken the Texting while Sewing challenge a little more literally than most, but I had fun and that’s the important thing right?!

Quilter's bible overview

Plus now I have a heap more of Mama Said Sew charm squares to play with, and a bit more of that gorgeous Salt Air (red background fabric). I’m thinking this block needs to be made into a project bag for quilt group.

Texting While Sewing

And while talking about paper piecing (seriously, when I am not talking about paper piecing?) I have finally gotten around to adding the Songbird pattern to Craftsy. Thanks lovelies for your interest in it! If you make one, please let me know – I’d love to see it! I love seeing how blocks look in different fabrics!

Chirpie bird


  1. I love love love it!!!! What a great idea - and really good use of fabric! You are seriously talented Kristy!

  2. Kristy!!! That is sooooo awesome!!! I love it!

  3. Such a great idea! So original!

  4. Adorable! The bookmark is absolutely the best-- how creative!

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  6. You are amazing! How inspiring!

  7. Wow that is the perfect "quilting book" block for the Texting while Sewing - it is the best!!!! And I love the bird - I admire anyone who can d paper piecing - I cry every time I try to do it!!!

  8. Love your Quilter's Bible, but 2.5" blocks, you know I think you are mad, now you have just proved it!

  9. You are truly inspired! What a fantastic idea for a block. Kudos on the mini OH star, I can only imagine how tiny those pieces must have been.

  10. Love it! Of course the selvedge bookmark wins my heart, but I love how you found the names of the blocks in the text too!

  11. AMAZING! I especially love the bookmark idea! You're crazy creative and those captions are so fun. Don't worry, it totally looks like an Ohio Star, in fast I knew that before I even saw the caption.

  12. You are so creative! This is the cutest thing ever. I LOVE the selvedge bookmark!

  13. What a great block! Girl you're crazy with that tiny paper piecing!. Just kidding! =D

  14. Never mind! I found it!! I am so excited!!

  15. You a very clever! I can't imagine piecing the Ohio block! But I want to try it too.

  16. I love your idea for the texting block!! SO clever!! :)

  17. This is SO amazing! I love it! I love your tiny little pieced blocks and that you had text fabric with the names of those blocks on them. And the page marker made from the selvedge is just awesome. Way to go! I bow to you!

  18. Beautiful bible! Love the bookmark - just perfect!


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