Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stashing on a Sunday

Apparently I like buying fabric. Somehow, if you’re reading this post, I have a feeling you can relate. Lately there seem to be some fab sales and deals going on – which make it worth the $17 postage from the States.

Except when you shop at Fabric Shack and postage is only $8.50. Oh yeah international quilty gals, that’s how you save money so you can buy more fabric! So want to see what I got? Yes, yes you do.


Ooh look pretty pretty Wrenly. I bought a charm pack of this ages ago that I just occasionally pull out and admire. I’ve decided to make myself a quilt with it (oh I just apparently decided while typing this post that the quilt will be for me – my inner quilter is somewhat selfish it appears).

Anyways I got the five top fat quarters to supplement the charm pack, and then the bottom piece is a yard for some kind of pieced back. However it may sit in the stash cupboard for a bit longer while I admire how pretty it all is. And decide on a pattern which I think will include a paper pieced songbird on the back.

 Then I got a bunch of solids for when I tackle my grand Iris Garden paper pieced wall hanging. Which again is for me. Yes, I really am that selfish. Can you blame me?

011 (640x480)
Iris fabrics
 Half yards of Kona in various shades of purple and green. Aren’t they going to look so pretty? Unfortunately I didn’t consider my background fabric to order at the same time. So this hasn’t been started yet either while I ponder what to use for the background.

 And because I had room and wanted to fill up the envelope, these FQ’s snuck their way in.

New fabric

That’s a little bit of Sea Garden from Cosmo Cricket’s Salt Air and a little bit of Ruby from Bonnie and Camille. I need more red and grey in my stash. These fit the bill nicely.

 Then of course there were a few bits and pieces from the Travelling Stash that arrived earlier in the week. They were practically free as I traded them out for some bits and pieces from my stash. New additions for sunday stash

Now isn’t that a picture to bring a smile to a quilter’s face. And due to further fabulous sales at Stitches N’ Giggles and Paper Thread Fabrics, there may be a little more fabric on its way. But in my defense – one of those packages I split with Jane, so that’s not so bad right? It’s not all for me! Plus I promise to use it for good and not evil. I may even make something for someone else!!  Now to just wait for it to arrive…

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  1. Oh Darn! You have just given me another excuse to buy MORE fabric. I shall head over to the fabric shack for a little peek myself.

  2. Oh Wrenly is so pretty!! And full-sized quilts I make/plan (well, that means lap-sized - no way am I braving bigger on my little Elna!) I can't bear the idea of giving away, maybe that's why I stick to baby sized - I can give or sell them happily!

  3. I love Wrenly. But I only have one FQ and 2 x 5" strips of it. Probably because the Wrenly quilt at my local quilt shop will be mine when they are finished with it. Yay! Mum put her name on it so they will sell it to her when they are finished displaying it :) Great idea to put a pieced songbird on the back!

  4. I love Wrenly too! And Fabric Shack is my new favourite on account of the much more reasonable shipping costs!

  5. $17 shipping? Ouch!!! So, what do non-U.S. quilters do as a main source of fabric? Save up and order everything at once? Or are there ample brick-and-mortar stores where you are? I suppose the answer to this question very much depends on where one lives. :)

  6. That Wrenly is gorgeous! It's going to make a beautiful quilt. You might have to bring it along to quilt group so that I can admire it in person!

  7. What wonderful goodies to add to your stash! I think all of us love shopping!

  8. Ooooh, lucky you! I have been resisting Wrenly, it is so pretty! I have a linen mix of hers that is in my "too precious to cut" pile LOL

  9. Interesting economics, you should be advising the IMF!

  10. Yes...that 'Wrenly' is definitely you. I think I am starting to 'pick' your fabric style girl.

  11. Hahaha! Fabric seems to enjoy sneaking it's way into packages lately =P


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