Wednesday, 15 February 2012

That looks like a 4 year old did it!

Occasionally I think that about my sewing. Particularly as I'm a FMQ beginner.

But in this case, it's true! My 4 year old did do this! And he's ridiculously proud of himself (I'm a bit proud too ;) ). It's the first time I've let him use my sewing machine and it was under close supervision of course. But this is for a good reason. My step dad's in hospital with a suspected heart attack. My kids adore their grandad so we wanted to make a little gift for him.

I happened across Little Miss Shabby's gorgeous heart cushion tute yesterday and thought it would be the perfect project for Grandad! How appropriate too! We used scraps rather than ordered tidy squares because hey they're kids and don't have the patience for tidy! We made ours into a mug rug because Grandad loves his coffee. I perhaps should have thought better than using the white background but nevermind. I'm sure it can be washed!

This is the back:
The kids signed it - love kid writing. So ridiculously cute. The fabric is actually red, it just looks a bit washed out in that photo.

The kids were involved from start to finish. They picked out the red scraps (red happens to be my son's favourite colour - it is the colour of a fire truck after all!) and I 'helped' them lay them out to cover our heart shape. The best part for the kidlets was when I let them have a go at some sewing. I figured FMQ would be perfect. No need for precision and it keep all our scraps in place!

This picture makes my heart melt. See Lulu's little hand on top of J's? So cute! She is at that age (close to 2) where she wants to do everything her big brother does! This was no exception. She kept her hand on top of his the whole time we sewed.

 The cuteness!
 J was so proud of his efforts and that he got to really sew! He couldn't wait to tell Grandma about it on the phone. And hey, now I've shown that my 4 year old can FMQ, I have zero excuse for not trying it a bit more! Well so long as I don't mind if it looks a bit like scribble...

Oh and J wanted to know what I was doing with the photo of him. I told him it was going on my blog. He now wants to know when he can have his own "blob" haha!


  1. awww adorable seeing the kids working together, and love this love heart block!!!

  2. Aww that's so cute, Kristy! Now I feel really bad about being too scared to give FMQ a try. ;)

  3. How sweet! If a 4 year old can do it, anyone can, hey??? LOL! The heart pillow is great! I hope dear grandad is better soon!


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