Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A charming winner!

Charming winner - charm pack winner - oh terrible pun I know. I think it was probably funnier in my head.I am very tired.

Thanks everyone who entered my very first little giveaway! A big thank you to Lucy from Charm About You for hosting this fun fugly fabric fiesta (okay technically it was a party, but I'm liking the alliteration with fiesta)!

I'm so glad that this little charm pack is wanted and inspires others!

Unfortunately, only one charm pack, so only one winner. I played around with Mr Random (does that sound as rude as I think it does?) and he chose number 46 to win!

I counted, recounted, lost count, started over, double checked, copied into Word, added numbers, counted again and came up with...

Congratulations! I have sent an email your way.

Now I think it must be about bedtime for me. Clearly my sense of humour is showing the tired.

(oh btw smart bloggy types, is there a way I can add numbers to my comments? That'd be awesomely helpful in case of future giveaway!).

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  1. Kristy, check out the tutorial on Lily's Quilts on how to number your comments. It should do the trick!



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