Thursday, 23 February 2012

A nappy bag when you don't need a nappy bag

I had one of my previous customers contact me about making a bag. I love return customers and particularly this one because she's fabulous about telling me exactly what she wants and it makes the entire process so much easier! And she doesn't mind if I send her a gazillion emails ("is this okay?" "do you want this?" "are you happy with this so far"? Insecure sewist much?!).

So she was after a little cotton bag that could be filled up with toddler necessities and that would it inside her regular handbag. Lots of back and forth to decide on additional things and here's the result!

Fabric is Taza Medallion in Red by Dena Designs. Gorgeous isn't it?

And the inside:
Ta Dot in Dalamatian for the lining
It has one of my key hookie loopie thingamajigs (one day I'll find out the real name for it) and a lined zip pocket. Yes that's right. I figured out (okay I read a great tutorial) on how to make a lined zip pocket. I'm a little bit impressed with myself on that.

So a cute little bag for a lovely customer. It was fun to put together and relatively easy. It turns out my brain has actually absorbed some of the knowledge of bag making over the past few months and I only had to refer to tutorials for the inner zip and a refresher on boxed corners (I can never remember how deep to make them!). Pretty pleased all round. Hope the soon to be new owner of this is pleased too!

And in other crafty news, I went to my first quilt club meeting last Sunday. Lots of fun, lovely girls and really, how awesome is it to talk quilting and sewing and fabric with people who totally get it! Oh and I even got some sewing done on my Good Fortune wip!  Plus thanks to Jane... I finally decided to get with the program and join Pinterest. Still figuring it out but having a bit of a fun in the meantime. It really is a great way to keep track of things in a visual manner. So If you're at all interested (and you probably aren't!), here's my little corner of pinterest


  1. Your bag is lovely, I am sure your customer will be thrilled with it. I joined Pinterest too this week, but haven't had the time since to figure it out!

  2. So glad to find you joined Pinterest. Here are my boards. It's good to 'follow' a person at first and then 'unfollow' some of their boards that don;t interest you.

    Great job on this are so inspiring and so happy to share your skills. One of my challenges this year is to learn how to sew in a zip and make pouches etc. Love your fabric choice as usual.


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