Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Catch Up

I just realised we're already approaching the end of February and I still haven't posted my Craftsy BoM blocks for this month! What a slacker. So I am remedying that today.

Okay well let's be honest. I've been a bit embarrassed to post these blocks (well one of them anyways) because I completely buggered it up. Forgot to resize my HSTs as I went and ended up having pointless chevrons. That's right. I chopped the points off my chevrons. I'm awesome.

So here, check out my Pointless Chevrons Block as I've now renamed it. That's a bit more interesting than "Chevron Block" isn't it? Please, feel free to point and laugh. I won't be offended. Particularly as I can't see you. If you do leave a comment though, please limit your text laughter to the kinder "SLMAO" (also known as silently laughing my arse off).

It is a fun block to make - just make sure you follow the directions. Seriously, when am I going to learn to follow the instructions to the letter?!

I was much happier however with the Windswept Star block also known as the Balkan Puzzle block. I really have a problem with that name - and you don't want to know why becase it goes into the inner workings of my mind and I'll probably come off looking a little bit crazy so let's just move on.

As you can see, my little helper was in full force today, making certain that windswept star didn't get swept out of focus. Gosh what would I do without helpers? I do love that cute little pudgy hand though.

And here are all four of my blocks together:

Looking good huh! This is the Moroccan Mirage line by Khristian Howell. I may have mentioned it a time or five, but I really love this fabric line.

So looking forward to the March blocks which look like they are focusing on the foundation piecing technique.

Haven't joined the Craftsy BoM bandwagon yet? It's not too late! Go over here and register - it's free!


  1. Actually, I don't think it looks so bad even with the points cut off. I think the Moroccan Mirage makes it work ;)

  2. I didn't know that block was called Balkan Puzzle - how odd! I have that block in the quilt I am quilting at the moment! The Moroccan Mirage is a lovely fabric! Oh, my fugly fabric arrived today! Thank you!

  3. Not as much of a slacker as me, I haven't even started the first Craftsy BOM blocks yet and I signed up a couple of weeks ago! There is a very popular quiz programme in the UK called Pointless, where the object is to find an answer no-one has thought of, so your block is an arrangement no-one has thought of either, and thus well-named :)


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