Saturday, 4 February 2012

Good Fortune

At first I didn't get what the big to-do was about Kate Spain's work. Beautiful yes, but not something that made me want to run straight out and buy it. But then I started seeing it more and more. And suddenly - I get it! So much so that I ran straight out and bought a charm pack of Good Fortune.

Okay so technically I didn't run out anywhere. I went to my fave online store (The Intrepid Thread), click, click, click, and ordered this plus a few other bits and pieces. I spent a bit of time in the Sale section. Who can resist a good sale? Oh and I got a FQ bundle of Pear Tree in blue. Love, love. love.

Whoops fabric tangent. Back to the point. So I now love Kate Spain's work and can't wait to make things with it. I mentioned my most recent favourite block design last blog post.  I've decided that Good Fortune and this block design are a pair made in heaven.


Oh yes, I definitely 'get' the Kate Spain fabric thing.

So I've decided to make a quilt out of it. Tough choice to pick which fabric from this line I'll use as the backing. I'm thinking maybe one of the dragonfly ones.

Here are three blocks I prepared earlier haha. The next tough decision will be, do I lay them out in nice, orderly rows?

Or do I stagger them? You may need to squint and picture more of these blocks lined up to see what the big difference is. White diamonds in between the blocks? Or that awesome zig zag thing going on when staggered?

I'm kinda digging the zig zag.  What do you think?

I also think this will be my bee block for April. Don't you think it'd look great with each of the blocks done with fabrics all in the same colour? Still kind of scrappy, but in an organised way that my matchy-matchy side can handle. I'm planning to donate my finished quilt to Angels for the Forgotten. A fabulous charity that takes care of kids in foster care and in crisis. They are always in need of blankets and quilts. Anyways getting way ahead of myself as my bee month is still some time away! Just a bit keen hehe!

I resized the original block (found here at Quilter's Cache) to make it charm pack friendly (well except for the background fabric obviously!). So when it comes time for the block, I might pop up a tutorial on the resized block for my fellow QCA bee girls to follow.


  1. Those fabrics are really beautiful! I don't have any of them but surely love them!
    Both ways your quilt is going to be wonderful!

  2. It looks so good! I love the staggered look too, but I like it the other way as well.

  3. LOVE Good Fortune. My favourite is the Yoshino print in Reflection (dark purple). I saw some at Laura's and was instantly smitten. Will definitely have to order some yardage soon. Anyhoo... enough about me. ;)

    Lovely blocks and great idea to resize for a charm pack. I'm definitely in favour of the staggered layout... that should look amazing when you have more blocks.

    Have also seen that block somewhere lately (sorry, forgotten where) that was made with the prints where you have white... and a solid (grey in that case) as the diamond. That looked GORGEOUS too. So... there is another quilt idea for you... or you could do a bit of both. :)

    Am I still talking???


  4. I think it will look amazing staggered.. a bit like a chevron, but not!


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