Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A new bag! And it's for me!

I have little kids. Little enough that we still need to tote around a ridiculous amount of things to prepare for all possible emergencies. I'm not quite sure how that equation works but something along the lines of - the smaller they are, the more stuff they require.

Anyways my nappy bag (well backpack actually - cannot recommend having a backpack enough when they are only small and you need free hands!) has seen better days. It's been in constant use for nearly two years. It needed an upgrade. There was a small matter of a banana left in there for a few too many days too that may or may not have also factored into the need for an upgrade.

I have been on the hunt for a fabulous messenger bag style pattern for ages. I found the perfect one on Etsy! I couldn't wait for it to be emailed to me, so I bought it directly from the designer's website. This design is the Savannah bag by ChrisW Designs. I made it up using Aviary 2 Sparrows in Cavern paired with plain black.

The original pattern has a gazillion pockets which can be very handy with a nappy bag! However I just went with a handful of pockets as I have less chance of losing things with only these few.

See? I can fit my sunglasses and phone in the front, a pen, a magazine (for when I turn into one of those yummy mummies who goes to cafes and reads magazines in peace while her children happily sip babycino's, not spilling a drop and behaving like angels - hahahaha! yeah right!!!).

In the main section, I can fit the necessities - nappies, wipes and my handbag. I only have a little handbag - gorgeous leather thing my sister bought for me in Argentina, but I hate swapping things out of it. So I like to squish the whole handbag into my nappy bag when I'm out and about. That was a bit of a tight squeeze with my old backpack bag. I'm happy it fits the new one beautifully!

I think my favourite part about this bag is - oh my goodness, I made it, with only half way following the pattern (surprise surprise) and it actually turned out and it's functional! Miss Lulu wasn't quite as impressed as I was, though you can see she did come to check out the photography session. Plus it looks pretty. Really I think you could make a sack shaped dress out of Aviary 2 and it would still look fabulous. Can you really go wrong with that fabric?

So I have a new bag! It fits all my stuff! It looks fab! I'm just not sure I want to leave the house with it in case it gets dirty...

Edit: Oooh how exciting! My little bag was featured by Sunni at Love Affair with my Brother!


  1. Love the bag. I am rubbish at making bags will have to get some tips from you! Linda

  2. I think your bag is brilliant- lovely fabric choice. Off to check out the pattern now- thanks.


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