Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bee Blocks and a bag

Fiona from Finding Fifth is the host for the February blocks. Lovely girl posted up her instructions early! So I made the most of some kidfree time and got stuck into them.

We were asked to make one (of course I got carried away and made more than one!) scrappy log cabin block, based on the tutorial at Red Pepper Quilts. Okay, honesty vomit. I actually made way more than one, but they didn't come out at 8.5" which drove me crazy. They were more like 8.25" and I know that quarter inch would make a difference in the grand scheme of things so I've hidden those blocks away and I'll make them into little bags or something (more on that later). Meantime I'm still trying to find the sweet spot to put my needle to make sure my seams are accurate so my end results are the correct measurements. This bee business is good for me working on precision!

Less talk, more pictures, right?
So I figure Fiona can pick which one she likes best, or take both for that matter, if she doesn't mind the novelty prints. As I do a lot of kid stuff with my sewing, I have a ridiculous amount of novelty prints in my stash. I'm working on balancing that out. Because I absolutely need a reason to buy more gorgeous fabric.

I also finished up a little bag I made out of one my orphan blocks. Actually you might recall my chubarama starflower block from an earlier blog post. It was the one that didn't make the final cut into my starflower table runner. I didn't want to just ditch it as it's pretty and I spent time on it damnit and it's not that bad! So tada! It's a little tote bag!
I backed it with pink polka dots the same as the handles and popped it into my madeit shop. I think it'd be cute as a bag for sheets for preschool etc. I'm in the process of planning a bag for my son for preschool with some cute transport fabric I picked up. Haven't done it yet, probably should as preschool starts on Tuesday. My excuse is I'm waiting to find out if they need to take sheets to preschool this year as he's moved up into the bigger room and I wouldn't think there'd be too many having naps at age 4, but I could be wrong. Gosh my kids gave up naps at 18 months. Imagine all I'd accomplish if they napped right up til 4!!

Now I'm off to either find or make my own pattern for a cute block I saw floating around someone's flickr feed. Wish me luck!

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  1. Aw...nice to read your enthusiasm for the February 'Scrappy Log Cabin' block. They are addictive and SO great for those smaller bit of fabric and strips that just float around. I have not posted my blog about my experience yet...but it will be out on Feb 1st. I had trouble with seam allowances as well as a bit of wonk towards the corners as the strips got longer. Oh yeah...and I'll happily take those two blocks! Bless!


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