Monday 30 May 2016

A new kind of obsession - hexies

For the longest time I didn't think hexies were ever on the cards for me. I'd admire them, and look at them and dream of pretty things I could make with them - if only I could machine sew them. I have joint problems so I didn't think hand sewing was going to be something I could do. But it turns out, I can make a few hexies here and there with no problems - and the pile seems to grow rapidly.

 Then I discovered Nicole of Modern Handcraft's Modern Hexie tutorial. A method where you quilt the hexies into place rather than hand sew them together. The hand sewing is where I didn't think I could manage so machine sewing? Brilliant!

This cushion was the result of my first attempt. I was using a borrowed machine (as mine is in the repair shop) and it was a little fussy. But I love the end result. I straight line quilted in on direction to keep the hexies in place, rather than in different directions like Nicole's tutorial. I love how it looks.

Also the opportunity for fussy cutting? Perfect! And using up scraps? Even better! I gave the first cushion as a birthday gift to one of my daughter's little friends. My friend Jane was rather taken with it, so I decided to surprise her with one of her own. A little less fussy cutting and a little more of my favourite fabrics!

I backed it with even more rainbow fabric on the back. Because rainbow goodness is what everyone needs in their life!

Not going to lie. This won't be the last you see of hexies happening in my projects. I'm already working on another one with my Mendocino fabric - this time a project for me! I absolutely love this method of hexies - and am even more thrilled to have a project to work on making hexies while I watch telly! Oh and never fear - I haven't neglected my paper piecing. There are new patterns in the works! Right after I get back from my little jaunt over to New Zealand for a holiday... :)


  1. Oh I love these. They are so colourful and happy. I have a box of hexies I have made overtime (in rainbow order or course) this is a perfect idea to use them up!

  2. love it! aren't hexies fun?? I also like EPP for making fabric balls.

  3. Wow! Stunning colours, great design on the cushion, thanks for sharing such a lovely project. Jay

  4. They should come with an addiction warning! There is another design that can be machine pieced if you want some variety - it looks like stars around each hexi - add a triangle to two opposite sides to make a kite shape, then the kites can be joined in strips, let me know if you want clearer instructions!

  5. Oh my goodness...I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm adding yout to my feed RIGHT AWAY!! I too am hearing the Siren call of the hexies. I can't tell yiu how.much I LOVE your work here. Wonderful job! I'm so inspired.


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