Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Bee Hive – My turn!

You may have heard about the fabulous Bee Hive blog hop that Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts is running. It's all about focusing on great blocks, that while pretty on their own, also make a fabulous repeat pattern. You should see the list of designers that are taking part!

I'm the lucky first one! Naturally my pattern is a paper pieced one. You're surprised right? No shocked, I'm sure! ;) But really -  paper pieced patterns are awesome for cool design repeats in a quilt. Don't worry though - it's a nice simple one!

Here’s the block I designed – called Star Plus.

Pop over to Alyce's blog for my guest post and all the details!



  1. Love it! My month isn't until next January, but maybe it will still be available. I'll have to make it for myself soon!

  2. This is a beautiful block. I love how you can turn it this way and that, and have a completely different look. Thank you! I appreciate your skills and artistic expression.

  3. What a wonderful block - however, I can only find directions to download to a Kindle. Is there a way to download to my computer, not a Kindle? Many, many thanks for the info. I also just found the zoo animals. I wish I had found them earlier, so I'd have the entire collection. They would make a great charity quilt for toddlers for my guild. I have so many patterns and I'm on a very fixed income so I hesitate to purchase more patterns that I may not get around to making. I wanted to let you know they are fabulous and I know that's how you support your habit, too! I'm sure they are worth every penny. I just have to carefully watch my budget.

    1. The patterns are in PDF format so you should be able to download to a computer in the same way :)


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