Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Make Modern

 Hello quilty types!

Just in case I haven’t shamelessly plugged it enough – did you know I’m part of a fabulous new digital magazine called Make Modern? I know right! I kept that one quiet didn’t I!

MM cover

You can find a little free preview on Issuu – gives you a bit of a feel for what the magazine is like and what sort of things you can find inside.

Well in case you don’t know much about it yet, we have a month-long blog hop where you can meet a bunch of the makers and find out a little bit about their projects as well as about the makers themselves. And today’s my day!

So my project! Of course it’s paper pieced. I’m sure people sometimes wonder if I know how to do anything else! But I have fun and that’s what counts right? So while mulling over my inaugural project and brainstorming with Jane, Miss Betty started demanding more attention. She was a bit sick of being stuck in the kitchen for the year long Sew Kitschy BoM. She decided it was time to learn how to quilt. Here she is with her new hobby – admiring pretty fabrics.

Betty Mini quilt

She’s a bit fancy in her domino dots dress (sneaking suspicion that she may have made it herself – she may be new to quilting, but she’s not new to sewing!). And of course her stack of fabric is made up of her favourite colours – red and aqua. Nice eye for colour there Betty.

So you can find this project, amongst a bunch of other awesome ones in the very first issue of Make Modern. You can pick up a single copy, or subscribe from our shop on our website

And do make sure you follow along on the rest of the blog hop! So much awesomeness to see!

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To those beautiful people who have already read the first issue and given such wonderful feedback and support – a HUGE thank you. You really know how to make our hearts sing. It has been an overwhelming, exciting and often nervewracking journey to bring out our first issue and to have it received so well has just been wonderful. Thank you x eleventy billion!

Happy sewing friends and I hope you’re working on a new project to make modern! Smile


  1. How exciting, im off to follow the links

  2. It's finally here! How exciting for you-and us, your devoted followers! Best of everything and congratulations!

  3. Totally exciting!! I think Betty is brilliant and well done on this enormous project!!

  4. What a wonderful new adventure for you and your designers! Congratulations! The projects look awesome! And of course , Betty ,petting her fabrics , is a classic!!

  5. I bought the first issue and it's great!!

  6. The articles and projects really speak at least to my needs; especially quilt math. I love being a part of the magazine, and hope it becomes a huge success in the U.S., (which is where I'm from).


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