Friday, 13 June 2014

Paper Piecing Party–New Patterns!

I have such wonderful pattern testers. I really do. They are so quick to get straight onto trying out patterns, finding little errors for me and giving me such great feedback. I totally heart you guys. Thank you so much! Thanks to your fabulous work, awesome testers, I have some new patterns listed in my Craftsy shop!

First – a freebie! Some little coloured pencils all in a row – perfect for a border! My gorgeous friend Jane requested this pattern – should see what she’s done with it too! (Hint she might be posting an update about it soon on her blog!).


And then a couple of patterns that are now listed for sale. Our favourite 1950’s housewife Betty is now ready to share her wine with you! But get in quick, I think she’s already drunk most of it. There’s a reason we refer to this pattern as Betty the Lush.

Betty The Lush

You can also find all the London patterns now listed for sale too! You can buy all 8 in a bundle (save some monies!) or if you just like one or two, pick them up separately. It’s all about options people.

London Calling Patterns

So that’s my happy paper piecing world this week! How is yours looking? Btw I have a sad confession to make. When my laptop crashed, I also lost my amazing list of pattern testers. So if you want to be back on my pattern testing list, please drop me a line (kristyqp @ gmail) so I can re-establish my list again. This time I might keep two copies in case of future crashes! Lesson learnt, techno Gods, lesson learnt.

Now let’s see what you have been paper piecing this week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the free pencil pattern! I have downloaded it already, I see teachers end of year gifts with this one!

  2. after a long time a finally have a printer, and did a paper piecing project yesterday, totally adicting
    thanks for the lovely pencil freebie

  3. Thanks for the pencil pattern! I might try varying the length of the pencils by adding more white at the top and shortening the pencil the same amount, so that the seams don't all meet up at the same point.

  4. Loving those pencils and the London patterns are fabulous! Marie (

  5. thanks for the freebie! I was on your list...

  6. Your patterns are always amazing, Kristy! Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I would love to stay on your list of testers!

  7. Backup! Backup! Backup! Techies preach that for a reason. Sometimes we learn the hard way. Thanks for the freebie. That would make a great border.


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