Friday, 8 November 2013

Paper Piecing Party – A Fruit Tree

 My sewjo is creeping back! I thought perhaps a bit of paper piecing might entice it back. So I started with this month’s Wombat Stew block. A fruit tree for Marieka!

Orange Tree for Wombat Stew

And like my sewing adventures of late, this was not without it’s trials and tribulations. At first I drew up the pattern without including the fruit, thinking I could improv paper piece them in. Let me tell you this my friends, improv paper piecing is a seriously stupid idea. Wasted much fabric, ripped out much hair, and got into a major cranky pants state.

A redo of the pattern to –include- the fruit into the actual piecing and I was on my way again. Much more happily this time.

Little dragonfly on an orange

I included a teeny dragonfly on one of the oranges (from a Meadow Friends print – the other oranges are Comma). I used a Color Weave print for the tree trunk, and Good Morning Honeycomb for the leaves. I’m happy now.

In other paper piecing news, the And Sew On BoM Show and Tell has wrapped up! I will do a post tomorrow listing the winners of the prizes and showing some of the fab projects Smile

So my friends, how’s your paper piecing been this week? Share your projects here so we can all admire them!


Quick refresher on what the deal is with the Paper Piecing Party (full details here):
* It’s on every weekend here at Quiet Play, starting Friday.
* Link up something you’re working on that’s foundation paper pieced
* Link a blog post or flickr photo
* Visit at least two other links and leave a comment because that’s half the fun!


  1. This is my first time joining in on the party! Besides the block I posted in the link up, I also made your Christmas wreath block-- thanks for the great pattern!
    Your tree looks wonderful. I would have a real mess on my hands if I tried to improv in those oranges. That's what I love about paper piecing- just sew on the lines. :)

  2. I would like to pick one of those oranges and eat it :). Great job on the pattern and the block!! I have mine about 3/4 of the way finished and it has been a fun block to put together.

  3. The little dragonfly is a gorgeous touch :) How you got that green fabric to line up is beyond me!

  4. Cranky pants? I can't imagine that you'd have cranky pants! What a great fabric for the leaves - gives it texture without actual texture!

  5. Amazing! Truly astounding! You had my loyalty at "sewjo!"

  6. Glad to see you found your sewjo! That tree is just peachy! Great job. I am sew glad you added the fruit - it really makes the block. And the Good Morning Honeycomb was a perfect choice.

  7. Welcome back sewjo, welcome back.
    Your fabric choices are perfect as always, love this pattern!

  8. Paper piecing is tricky enough without any improv - what were you thinking!! Glad you are feeling well enough to sew again, love that dragonfly.

  9. Love your fruit tree! It is cute! Glad you are feeling better, too!


  10. What a fun tree! I love the orange.

  11. Super super sweet! And now we can have apples trees with some fussy cutting, or even strawberry trees ;-) if we want too! Do you think cute guys would look good hanging in this tree too? I do not mind fussy cutting that! LOL! OK, now I am on the hunt for "cute guys fabric", ha ha!

  12. Yummy apple tree!! I adore dragonflies - nice touch :)

  13. I love the tree...and the inspiration from the link ups.

  14. Good to hear your sewjo is returning :-) Cute tree.

  15. another fantastic make Kristy - you never cease to amaze me! Glad you are feeling better.


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