Friday, 19 April 2013

Sweet Little Cupcake

 Going to keep this post short and sweet. Just like this cupcake (pattern now in my Craftsy shop).
I decided to make it into a little bag for a birthday party my son is attending tomorrow.

Cupcake tote bag

Apparently the little girls who received the last bout of bags have claimed them as library bags. So I made this one a bit wider to fit bigger books in. It measures about 10" x 14".

Inside cupcake tote bag

Cute kitty fabric on the inside – in pink of course.

Back of cupcake tote bag

A rather boring back, but hey I had enough of the fabric so it suited my purpose.

Here are the three birthday totes so far. With the amount of parties that seem to be happening this year since J started school, I’m sure there’ll be a few more in the future.

Paper Pieced Tote Bags

And that’s all folks.

Linking up to TGIFF which is at Sew At Home Mummy’s place this week.

PS - if you love paper piecing (and really, who doesn't?!) my beautiful friend Gemma of Pretty Bobbins has just started offering some of her paper pieced patterns on Craftsy. Check them out here.


  1. I already loved the icing swirls, but I just noticed the cherry even has the little reflection bit!!! Damn girl!!

  2. Wow Kristy! It is even more beautiful than I thought it would be!

  3. Freakin adorable! This is definitely my favourite so far. You are on a roll! x

  4. Sweet and yummy. My girl started school this year as well. So far I made two bags as bday gifts. Our kids are going to be popular party pals, lol.

  5. So very sweet - literally! I love making handmade pressies for birthday parties!

  6. This cupcake is so cute thanks to the details you add;your patterns are awesome!! J's friends are so lucky to be getting handmade gifts from you!!

  7. That bag is so cute!! Thanks for mentioning me :) exciting times :) thanks for all of your encouragement and support!! xx

  8. Adorable Kristy! You'd better be careful - a handmade bag might be the benchmark for birthday gifts from now on!!

  9. Can J please come to my birthday party???

  10. I love your paper piecing play! It is so much fun!!


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