Friday 1 March 2013

And Sew On – March Block

Ready for the next block for the And Sew On BoM?! Hope so because apparently it’s March already!

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So next on the list is this block – named (with the help of some Wombats) “Just Spoolin’ Around”. And it features something we can’t sew without – the humble thread!

Just Spoolin block by Jane of Where Jane Creates

I know – it looks a bit intimidating because there are lots of sections (9 total!) But don’t worry. The actual piecing isn’t nearly as bad as it looks. And no y-seams in sight (I hate those things!).

Okay confession time. The above block was not made by me. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with everything I’ve had to do this past month and March crept up on me rather quickly! So to avoid late night panic sewing to get this block done, Jane (from Where Jane Creates) kindly said it was okay if I used her block for picture purposes! Thanks Jane!

This is the block Jane made me for my month in Wombat Stew – look at those awesome brightly coloured spools! She used a fab woodgrain print for the actual spools and Sketch for the “thread”. Cool hey?!  Oh and she whipped it up in one sitting at Quilt Group one day – so it is an easy-ish block Smile

Just Spoolin’ Around is now available in my Craftsy store for free for the month of March. The previous two patterns are now being put to work to feed my fabric addiction.


If you’re a little stuck on the paper piecing, don’t forget to check out the tutorials I have on paper piecing angles and joining the sections together. 

Also a little tip for when you join your sections together (to help avoid excess unpicking!) – if you’re not 100% your seams are going to line up, make your stitch length longer and do a large stitch to join the sections together. Open the pieces out and see how they line up. If they look good, great! Sew over the line again with the shorter stitch length again. If not so good – okay then you have to unpick. But at least it’s bigger stitches and a lot easier to do. Also. Pinning is your friend. :)

So keen to start? Need more incentive? There are more great prizes on offer for March!

To be eligible for one of these, you will need to make the March block and add it to the linky party on this post. You do not need a blog to join the linky party, but you do need your photo uploaded somewhere on the interwebs (e.g. Flickr) so you have a URL to use for the linky party. Plus it’s fun seeing the fab blocks pop up in the Flickr group! Well worth a look if you haven’t checked it out yet!

Whoops side tracked. Back to the prizes!

March brings us:

A Japanese fabric bundle from Blossom Heart Quilts
200x200 BHQ logo

A 2wentyThr3e charm pack from Fat Quarter Shop

1 scrap pack from Fabricworm

So for a chance at one of these fab prizes, go download the March block pattern “Just Spoolin’ Around”, whip it up and share a pic here! Can’t wait to see your blocks, folks!


  1. Yay, the March block is here and does not disappoint! I can't wait to stitch it up!! Great prizes for March, too!! Thanks Kristy!!

  2. Hmmmm, need to find some 'thready' looking fabric for this one! Time for a stash search. I'm loving these blocks so far!

  3. I'm looking forward to makin' it. It looks like a fun block to put together.

  4. Spooling fun the old fashion way because my aurfil spool has no top and tails. Also another tip for lining up the important sections is the JUST sew the section that needs to align only and then check and see if it works before sewing the whole length. I had to do that to align my seam ripper top and handle in the Feb block.

  5. Oh I love the spool block - great way to use up some stash on those spools too - it's on my things to make list now!

  6. Now I need to play block catch up. Feb's block scared me. This one looks less intimidating. Maybe I'll do it first then get courage to tackle that big bad seam ripper block!

  7. Yay for thread! And, great tips for getting the "tricky" sections to meet in the post and in the comments. I basted my last sections together in February too.

  8. Yay! Despite being rubbish at paper piecing, I've been really excited to try this next block! the only problem is that I'm going away for the weekend, such bad timing!

  9. Another block already, how did that happen? Great block though, looking forward to having a go at it.

  10. It's adorable and I love the sketch used for the thread!

  11. Oh fantastic! Love the brown 'wood' fabric that Jane used.

  12. Thank you, I'll try a do better this month!

  13. What a fun block!!! Can't wait to make it and add it to the others.
    This title "Just Spoolin' Around" makes me laugh!


  14. The hardest part is choosing a background for the "wall" that I'll use in the rest of the blocks showing wall!


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