Tuesday 26 February 2013

I have your number.

 And it’s 20. That’s right. 20. There are 20 new patterns in the Just My Type line. This time it’s all about numbers and punctuation. Because really, how many times have you thought I wish there was a paper pieced pattern for a semi-colon? Where are all the patterns for the apostrophes? How am I going to make a quilt without an @ symbol?

Well dilemma no longer. I’m here to help. Here they all are!

Just My Type Numbers and Punctuation

I’ve now added these guys to the Craftsy shop to join the rest of their “Just My Type” friends. A massive thank you to the awesome testers who trialled these for me (all while likely wondering “What is a quilter to do with a lone quotation marks block?!”).

Have had a request for maths symbols so they will be added soon too!

Here’s the Just My Type crew all happy together.

Just My Type Paper Pieced Patterns

Scuse the mix of cream and white backgrounds. I just got a new computer monitor and what a revelation! All this time I’ve been using cream thinking it was white! But I’m on track now. It’s a whole new colourful world.

And while talking paper piecing and numbers… one more number for you. Three. That’s the number of days you have left to link up your And Sew On block.   Go here, link up and have a chance at a fab prize! Don’t miss out!!


  1. Am I entered for the giveaway for the And Sew On if I only have my block uploaded to Flicker? I don't have a blog to link up....

    1. You don't need to link up a blog post, but you can add your Flickr photo to the linky party. Just grab the URL of the page of your photo and enter that in the right spot when you click on "Add your Link". :)

  2. "Oh now I can breathe a sigh of relief!" she exclaimed. "Why?" (wondering what it could possibly be @QuietPlay posted on 27.02.2012) she enquired. "Well...I have upper & lower case", she explained, "but now Kristy has given me the ability to say it with feeling!"

  3. These are so fun! Must add them to the download pile ; )

  4. Congrats on another published pattern :). I'm determined to make the link up date. I finally reprinted my template and picked my fabrics. Now to find time to actually sew...

  5. Another fantastic pattern!

  6. I love those numbers and letters altogether!!

  7. Haha you are so right about those lone punctuation blocks! I think I can find a use for the numbers!


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