Saturday, 29 December 2012

Secret Santa Gifts – Sent and Received

If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ve probably heard me mention Wombat Stew – a paper piecing bee I’m part of. Love my fellow wombats. It’s such a wonderful group of gals. We talk pretty much daily online – whether it’s sewing, kidlets, fabric or snakes in the kitchen.

Yeah that’s an example from today. Gemma (from Pretty Bobbins) totally talked me down off a ledge while I was dealing with a snake in my kitchen (non venomous and the wildlife people took it away and released it hopefully far far FAR away). Naturally while I was cowering completely terrified standing guard watching the saucepan cupboard it was hiding in, making sure the vile thing didn’t disappear into the rest of my house (desperately praying that the WIRES guy would show up fast), I had to inform the Wombats of my crisis, if only to keep me somewhat occupied while on stake out (or should that be snake-out?!). Thankfully the gals helped me stay calm (ish) until the snake was removed.

So when Christmas was approaching and Fiona (from Finding Fifth) suggested a Secret Santa amongst our group, we all jumped onboard rather quickly. My secret partner was Alyce (Blossom Heart Quilts). She just got her parcel today so now I can share what I made!

I had a pretty good idea of fabrics/colours Alyce liked, but was stuck for ideas of what to make. Until the awesome Erin (Missy Mac Creations) mentioned this fabulous embroidery hoop storage idea! Then it was on like donkey kong. Well mad sewing anyways.

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Caddy

A bit of linen, some Simply Color, and some fussy cut tape measure fabric (+ a million or two emails to Erin for support) and I was away!

BHQ pieced

I paper pieced Alyce’s blog header and ended up embroidering her initial in the centre.

I used this pattern as a guideline of how to do it, but the templates didn’t help as I could only find one embroidery hoop in town. Yep the whole town. I spent hours traipsing around with Miss Lulu trying to track down an embroidery hoop. Was happy to finally get one, didn’t care what size! So it ended up being a 10” hoop.

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Caddy Simply Color

A few tips if you make one of these. Don’t bother with interfacing, unless you personally know the Hulk and he can fit the frame back together over the stupid amount of layers that the pattern calls for. Me? I don’t know anyone with super human strength so the interfacing had to be cut away so I could actually make it all fit.

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Caddy 2

Those fancypants posts on Pinterest that tell you to glue the fabric to the hoop when you’re done? LIE!! It does not glue. It goes stiff and wonky and bumpy and looks like you let your 2 year old do it. (Was tempted, but it is all my own work Alyce, I assure you!). So I just trimmed off the excess fabric as best as I could.

That said. I’m totally going to make another one for myself. If only to have an awesome looking place to store my sewing tools high up on the wall where climbing half-monkey children can’t reach them.

So that’s what I sent! Now what I received! My secret Santa was Fiona and she totally spoiled me!

Secret Santa goodies

Look at this loot! Thank you Fiona!! Love love love!

Flower Fairy tote bagSewing PurseGood Fortune purse

A gorgeous Flower Fairy tote bag (already being eyed off by Miss 2 and a fabulous framed purse (I so wanted one of these!) – double sided – with a sewing goat (love!) and Good Fortune on the other side.

Plus fabric! A whole panel of Autumn Flower Fairies and some Very Hungry Caterpillar food scraps. Spoilt indeed! You can pop by Fiona’s blog and read more about what she made here. There’s also a hint about a prize she’ll be offering for the BoM! Only a few days now folks until the first pattern’s released!
And Sew On BoM Button

And on that happy note, I shall end here and head to bed. And hopefully not dream about snakes in the saucepan cupboard. 


  1. It's gorgeous! I love how you put her logo in it. So clever :)

  2. What a thrill with the snake! The hoop you made looks awesome!

  3. That is the cutest hoop caddy ever! I love that you used Alyce's header and it's such a perfect gift, since I know she sews around her little ones. I need to make one for my sewing area. The snake would TOTALLY freak me out. I think I would use it as an excuse to not cook, FOREVER!

  4. Wow, I love that! I want to make one for my sewing area, and maybe one for pens for my offices. Not strictly necessary to have a pen holder, but oh well, it is pretty, and pretty is necessary. :)

    The snake thing sounds horrifying! I've always thought Australia sounded amazing, with the exception of the creepy crawlies that you always hear about!

  5. Snakes in the kitchen sounds like a weird cookery book title!

    Love the hoop, how odd that you had such trouble sourcing a hoop, you must live amongst a lot of avid embroiderers :)

  6. Your life is rather exciting these days being on snake watch!! Glad to hear it was not venomous but snakes are not something I would care to entertain as a visitor in my home!! What a special gift you created for Alyce!! I love how you used her header and the colors. I think I need a hoop organizer now. Happy day!

  7. Love that embroidery hoop - such a cool present! Suddenly I am not so jealous of you living in a sunshine country, I would have had a heart attack on sight of the snake and wouldn't have hung around to check out where it went ;-)

  8. What's not to love about this hoop caddy? What a brilliant idea! Very clever to include her header as the feature. Thanks for the tips too. I usually just put the interfacing under the embroidery part of my work and not to the edges of the hoop but glad to know about avoiding glue. Ok you had me laughing again with your 'snakes in the saucepan cupboard' comments - but that IS a nasty surprise for a Saturday!

  9. I love what you made for Alyce, it looks great!

  10. oh worst nightmare.....snakes INSIDE the house! Love the way you recreated the blog header in your gift. I have often thought how pretty that blog header is. Beautiful gifts sent and received.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  11. That is so cool that you recreated her header.

  12. I can identify with your nervousness in the presence of a snake. I once had a mousetrap go off in my upper cupboard seconds after my husband left the house. As I heard flip flopping behind the cabinet door I knew the poor thing had not been killed instantly. Not wanting it to suffer I reached in there with a hammer, and without looking, pound, pound, pounded it out of its misery. My husband dealt with the trap, remaining mouse carcass and removed mouse guts for the interior cabinet walls upon his return. I love the colorful fabric selection in your storage hoop. What a pretty, useful secret Santa gift! I laughed at your description of needing the Hulk to assemble it!

  13. Great idea!!!Thank you from Italy, Emanuela

  14. The hoop looks fantastic! Instead of gluing, cut the fabric in a circle a couple of inches bigger than the hoop, when you've mounted it, sew a running stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull tight to gather it, stitch the middle together to hold it, much easier and more secure.

    I have some sewing goat fabric too!


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