Friday, 29 June 2012

Rainbows on Grey–finished!

 The big collaboration quilt is done! Tada!
Rainbows on grey full
Like literally. Just done. I whipped that baby off the sewing machine so fast and chucked it on the fence so I could get a photo before the sun went down. I risked leeches for these photos! Leeches!
Rainbows on grey side
Okay so I could have waited til tomorrow to share photos, but where’s the fun in that? Plus I wanted to have a Friday finish. It would have been done earlier if it hadn’t been for phone calls. You know, ones like from my sister telling me that she just got her commercial helicopter pilot’s licence. Yeah now phone calls like that make you stop sewing so you can cheer and dance about ridiculously while your children wonder if they are actually related to you. I’m stupid amounts of proud of my little sister right now.
Rainbows on grey blue fabric
Okay enough sisterly cheering for right now, back to the matter at hand. Quilting I believe we were discussing. I did some very basic straight line quilting on this one. It gave it all a kind of cool basket weave look so I left it as is. Minimalist quilter, that’s me. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Rainbows on grey backing
The gorgeous Fiona from Finding Fifth made the backing for this. That row towards the bottom? All fantastic fussy cut I-spy fabrics. I had so much fun looking at all the different things included while I was quilting!
Rainbows on grey i spy
Oh and I’m a bit pleased with the binding. I think this is one of my best binding attempts yet! I machine bind (like the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts) but I have discovered one little tip that makes a world of difference. After sewing the binding onto the back of the quilt, I’ve started ironing it to fold it over to the front. No pins, just a nice crisp crease. I got some really tidy mitered corners too. I used to pin and even with constantly measuring, it was often a bit more wonky than I’d like to admit. But ironing, made a big difference.
Rainbows on grey part back
So this quilt has been made for Collaborate for a Cause and will be auctioned off next month to raise money for Angels for the Forgotten (they help kids in foster care). Hope it raises a nice little donation for them!

Thank you Fiona for agreeing to team up with me – it’s been such fun planning this and making it with you! We make a good team! You are five kinds of awesome. (Honestly, Fiona didn’t pay me to say that – not even with a little charm pack of Summersville that somehow got mixed up in her parcel to me hehehe (P.S. thank you lovely lady for the gift! )).
And after risking leeches for some photos of this quilt… I”m definitely linking it up to TGIFF. It’s over at Sparrow in Flight this week Smile
TGIFF 2_new


  1. Nice finish! Looks like some interesting fabrics in there. Congrats to your sister as well!

  2. Looks great! Good tip on ironing the binding--I'll have to remember that! I pinned and ironed last time--maybe I'd only have to do one of those things?

  3. Lovely quilt it is bound to raise lots of money for the charity, well done both of you.

    Ironing is not my favourite pastime I have to admit but if it makes binding neater and easier I could be persuaded!

  4. The quilt looks great! In this weather ironing anything isn't wise! =D

  5. Great quilt! And thanks for the tip on machine binding - I still have not mastered that yet. Hopefully ironing will help me out!

  6. Beautiful. Good luck with the auction. I will have to try machine binding one day so thanks for the tip. Keep them coming! :)

  7. What a *great* idea for putting eye spy blocks on the back. Brilliant! I can use as many or few as I want and can still design the front as I like!!
    There should have been a charity quilt link up this week, seems as if everyone has one!
    Your's is fab. Love that gray color.

  8. Woo hoo! It was so worth the risk of leeches! I love the rows of colours on the top. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  9. It's lovely, but not surprising considering the collaborators! :) I hope it does really well in the auction!


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