Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sew Kitschy – July Block

July! July?! July. I need a moment to sit down and absorb the fact that it is July.

Okay I’m good now.

So it must be time for a new Sew Kitschy block. I’m thinking that our lovely Betty likes to have a little bop around the kitchen while she cooks. Pretty sure she usually has the radio on so she can dance while she bakes (she may consider that her daily workout routine) and sing along (usually badly but don’t tell her I said that). So let’s make the radio for Betty’s kitchen this month!


So this makes the seventh block in the set of 9. Two thirds of the way through! If you’ve missed any of the earlier blocks, you can swing by my Craftsy shop and pick them up, or if you’re an eager beaver, buy the whole set at once so you don’t have to wait for the rest of the blocks. Otherwise, continue your usual routine and download the free block this month and get to sewing! Smile This one will be free for the month of July, then it will become a paid pattern like the rest of them (changes on 1st of the month Aussie time). Because. Well. Bills.

Sew Kitschy BoM Patterns by Quiet Play

Pop over, pick up the pattern and let’s get sewing! Can’t wait to see your blocks! Make sure you link them up back here so we can all admire them! Happy sewing, my friends!

Sew Kitschy


  1. Hello, I am new to your blog, and I am not a quilter, but hope to be and love looking at them. I really like your retro blocks! Looking forward to seeing more. xx

  2. fun fun! at first I thought it was an old fashioned scale but it doesn't quite look like that, so of course it's a radio! so WHAT music does Betty listen to? some old 30s music or newer than that?
    (My husband actually sang "you're too good to be true" by Frankie Vallie it's an OLD song.... so maybe she's dancing to something like that?

  3. I really like this block, but I have a question. Why are the black lines not on the pattern? I thought they'd be part of the piecing but are the supposed to be added after with a fabric pen or embroidery instead?

    1. I was wondering that, too. But, on the pattern, it says to use a fabric marker, applique, or embroider the details. Can't wait to see everyone's cute blocks!

    2. Yes that's right :) Some of the details are added on after the block is sewn. It would be way too hard and fiddly to paper piece all those black lines otherwise!!!

  4. Such fun bright blocks! I love the food mixer.

  5. this is very fun, and i'm so surprised i'm keeping up, must be because i only have one BOM this year. lol. thanks again for all your time.

  6. you know, I think Betty may just be sipping a little something made with pink gin while she bops to the radio and cooks in her fab apron ;)

  7. Thank you hopefully by xmas I will be all caught up and not stuck in life...

  8. I love the shape of the radio :)

  9. So very surprised I am keeping up! Thanks Kristy!!


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