Friday 31 January 2014

Paper Pieced Party

 Hello lovelies! Hope this week has been good to you and filled with paper piecing projects!
My kidlet started back to school this week and you’d think that would mean more time to sew, but my poor sewing machine has been most neglected this week. I do hope to remedy that on the weekend however.

So I’m afraid not much to share in the way of projects for me! But I do have some pattern news! The woodland creatures are nearly all tested! I have listed another couple in the shop today!


Also just a little reminder that we are at the end of January. You know, in case you haven’t checked your calendar lately. And more importantly – in case you haven’t yet downloaded the first Sew Kitschy block! The February block will be posted tomorrow! (Eek, February is tomorrow!! Apparently this year intends to fly by as fast as last year did).

Sew Kitschy January Block

If you have made your January block, don’t forget to add it to the linky party over on this post. I’ll be choosing a winner from the linky party to receive their choice of 3 free patterns from my shop!

I am loving seeing the different blocks show up around the blogosphere! And can you believe it – there have been over 1000 downloads of the January block! Well knock me over with a wet noodle. (I have no idea what that even means, my sister and I picked up the phrase as kids from some silly cartoon and it kind of stuck). But seriously, quilty types, thank you! It’s made me so happy to see that you are enjoying this year’s BoM!

Here are a couple I picked out from the linky party (click the pics to go to the blogposts):

Pot holder and Mitt by Susie's Sunroom
Perfect kitchen themed fussy cutting from Susie at Susie’s Sunroom!

Sew Kitschy Block by Cattinka
Striking colour choices from Cattinka!

sewkitschy by Karen
Look at that great background from Karen!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys all do with the second block! Pop back tomorrow for details and to download your copy for February :)

In the meantime, it’s time for the Friday Paper Piecing Party! Share any foundation piecing mischief you’ve been up to this week!


  1. can't wait... where are you at in the world? Australia? because it's still Thursday here :)

    1. Yes Australia :) Bonus for the North American types - a day early on the patterns! hehehe

  2. Oooh, I'm looking forward to the woodland creatures being released - although I still have the Once Upon a Time AND Fairytale blocks to get through!

  3. Darling blocks!!! I can't wait for your bundle! Have a fun sewing weekend :)

  4. Oooo. I love the badger!! I live in Madison, home of th University of Wisconsin Badgers!!

  5. Yay, badger! My hubs went to Univ of Wisconsin, Madison for his PhD and their mascot os Bucky Badger! Your badger pattern would be fun to make him for his office!

  6. I've linked up my sew Kitschy here too as I made it into a finished item! I will be linking up a very special bunny next week!

  7. There are some great blocks, I learned more about PP like using little piece piecing. thank you, Love visiting the sites and following them.

  8. Over 1000 downloads that is brilliant Kristy, you have definitely struck a chord with this BOM! I love the rabbit pattern, might have to have a go at that for my daughter in law, she would love it :)

  9. Thanks for adding my photo to this blog post! It is funny that you chose mine and Karens block, you know the two of us are friends and we make these blocks together.


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