Friday 20 September 2013

Paper Piecing Party

I finished the Sew Retro themed table runner in time for my Mum’s birthday. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out – bright cheery colours to brighten the kitchen!

Sew Retro table runner

As you can see – I went with a black binding. While I think a polka dot binding would have been quite sweet, my stash was not so compliant. So black it is. I think it adds a nice frame to it.

Spotting backing

I did add some spots to the backing however! I bought this spotty dot fabric at Spotlight awhile back from the clearance shelf. Imagine my surprise when I found the selvedge read “Robert Kaufman”. Spotlight surprises me sometimes!

Simple quilting

I went with simple outline quilting. And as you can see, Sketch fabrics somehow snuck its way into my paper piecing. Funny how that keeps happening! Best part – Mum liked her gift. Though I may need to convince her to use it and that it’s okay if it gets dirty, I can always make another! If you’re interested in making one of your own, you can find the Sew Retro patterns listed in my Craftsy shop.

In other paper piecing news, I’ve added a couple of new patterns to the Fairytale collection. It won’t be much longer my friends and I’ll have these ready for purchase. I know – you’ve been most patient! Keep it up and there might be more patterns added at this rate hehe! Currently I’m up to 15 fairytales, with two book blocks. It’s a bit like the epic LEGO Star Wars quilt – just keeps growing!
So the new blocks are:

Aladdin and the lamp


and Puss in Boots (you can see him in fabric over at Gina’s blog!).

Puss in boots

And that my friends is where I’m up to this week. How about you?


Quick refresher on what the deal is with the Paper Piecing Party (full details here):
* It’s on every weekend here at Quiet Play, starting Friday.
* Link up something you’re working on that’s foundation paper pieced
* Link a blog post or flickr photo
* Visit at least two other links and leave a comment because that’s half the fun!
* I’ll pick one each week to win their choice of a free pattern from my Craftsy shop. Keep on paper piecing ;)


  1. Gorgeous! I'm glad that you managed to get the dots in somewhere :D

  2. That turned out beautifully! You might have to make the first tea mark on it so she feels better about using it for reals :)

  3. your mom's mini turned out perfect!! You have had a busy week sewing for friends and family!! I love all of the kitchen themed patterns you have; they were my favorites until the fairy tales came along!!

  4. lucky mum, and lovely fairy tale blocks

  5. Love your runner - the 'wallpaper' fabric is perfect and so cheery :)

  6. That dots are perfect! I love that puss in boots - too cute.

  7. Lucky Mum!! It turned out perfect! And i love the new patterns!

  8. Love the table runner, hope she had a wonderful time.

  9. Love the retro tea pot/mugs! The fairytale patterns are truly sweet!


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