Sunday, 28 July 2013

I need a hero.

 One who will come and clean my house, do my washing, and cook us dinner. Oh and maybe do some kid duty while I sleep. Yeah now that’s the kind of hero I could go for.

But in the meantime, I’ll content myself with some paper pieced heroes. I’ve been gradually listing the DC Superheroes and Star Wars characters (LEGO-fied versions) to my Craftsy shop.

LEGO Star Wars paper pieced patterns_thumb[3]

All just in time because… this month’s theme over at Le Challenge is Heroes! Ha, perfect. My spidey senses must have known that. Yeah I probably used that catchphrase completely wrong but you get the idea.


Oh and even better – you have extra time on this challenge. You have til 15th September to come up with a project that is Hero themed and enter in the linky party – chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. Woohoo!

As extra incentive, swing by and check out my guest post at Le Challenge on heroes (especially if you’re a fan of 80’s rock, there’s a little something extra for you). There just happens to be a little giveaway happening too – but you gotta be in to win it. So what are you waiting for? Head on over! Giveaway ends soon!

Paper pieced LEGO Wonder Woman


  1. I am no hero. And I hate doing dishes. Sorry! But I hope you don't mind.... I am sharing this on my facebook page at
    You are very generous to be sharing these as free, Kristy!

  2. If you find said hero please send him/her to me immediately!! HA :) Still loving the Star Wars characters. Thanks for listing them.

  3. I always say to my husband that I need a wife ... but perhaps I should just say hero?! Lego Star Wars are looking fab :)

  4. We should get some robots to do it for us, lol. That sounds more realistic, no? he he

  5. What you need is a Super Mum! If only you could paper-piece one that came to life then all your worries would be over :)

  6. I love your Lego Star Wars patterns, I started with C3PO on Friday and have to say I spent as much time with my trusty un-picker than sewing but I'm getting into it now and really enjoying the finished result. Maybe I didn't start with the easiest and it's a long time since I paper pieced, especially that small. I'm still hoping to make a quilt with the patterns although on Friday it was looking likely to just be a cushion!!!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the patterns! C3PO does have a lot of pieces and is probably one of the fiddlier blocks! I hope that you find your paper piecing groove!

  7. You are my hero!!!! :) you are seriously cool!! I have always loved your paper piecing, but this is amazing. I think if I make the DC Super heroes for my boys, then I might be hero to them. Thanks for being so awesome Kristy.

  8. These I fantastic... I've downloaded some from Craftsy...can't belive that you can't charge for them when people make lots from Dr Who stuff. Good look searching for your Hero.

  9. Now I've got Bonnie Tyler's song worming in my brain!! Off to follow the link

  10. Thank you for the free patterns and I bought one too.. I am a bit behind but I will catch up next year. My 4 Bogs are giving me greandbabies faster than I can sew.

  11. Kristi -- I just saw these on craftsy yesterday and am THRILLED!!! I have wanted to make Steiger a Lego Star Wars quilt, but didn't want to figure out the patterns, and now I don't have to. ;) These are awesome!

  12. (oops -- I mean Kristy! I have another friend who spells her name with an I) :)


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