Monday 1 April 2013

And Sew on – April block

 1st of April! And no April’s Fools jokes here. Just the next block in the And Sew On BoM! Are you ready for it?!

Here it is!

“Snip It Real Good”. Alternatively titled “Not for Paper”. Take your pick. :) I couldn't decide which title I liked better hehe.
And Sew On April block

We must have a block paying homage to our trust scissors! Where would be without them? In a tangle of threads, that’s where.

Now! This block only has four total sections to sew together – so not too bad on having to match seams. But it does have a few small pieces. But no dramas – you can tackle this! One step at a time, and remember to cut your pieces larger than you expect. That saves unpicking.

You can download this block for free in my Craftsy shop. It’s free for the month of April. The previous BoM blocks are also available, but no longer free. A girl’s gotta pay for her fabric habit somehow.

Feel free to add your finished blocks to the Flickr group – I love seeing them pop up! But more importantly, make sure you join up to the linky party so you have a chance at prizes.

What are the prizes this month you ask? Well!

$20 gift certificate from Christa Quilts
A 2wenty Thr3e layer cake from the Fat Quarter Shop
and a scrap pack from Fabric Worm

For a chance at one of these prizes, all you have to do is make the April block, and link it up to the linky party (you can link from a blog post or from your flickr photo – just link it. Link it real good.  Why yes “Whip it” is stuck in my head now, why do you ask?!)

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  1. He he, you are funny girl! Besides that I'm always amazed how you manage to post right on time.

  2. I know she is a marvel and totally funny. This one looks a little easier than last month's - maybe.

  3. Another fabulous block - I like "snip it real good" for the name.

  4. Looks like a good block, with another cotton reel thrown in for good measure! Have to plan my background carefully for this one I think!

  5. Haha - you are so good at naming blocks! I'm looking forward to this one (do I say that every month?). I was rummaging through my stash and found I was getting distracted by the fabric that I kept thinking would make great 'thread' for your BOM!

  6. oh man!! Now i have "whip it good" stuck in my head!! Hey , if this quilting thing doesn't work out for you I think you should try being a always make me laugh!!

  7. Thank you so much Kristy! Fantastic blog, once again!

  8. Thank you, *another* one to add to my list!!!!!!.,

  9. Yayyyyy for a new month! :D Love this block already :D

  10. yay!! I've been waiting for this! Now to try and get the printer to work...

  11. That song popped into my head as soon as I read 'snip it real good' ~ great block ~ love how the scissors look like they could cut through anything! Maybe I'll get this block done this month.

  12. Looks like another fun one.

  13. Might have to do the March block before I tackle this one!

  14. "Whip it Good"... The 80's were THE Decade and often quilt along to my DEVO station on Pandora! Another great block Kristy!

  15. Oh sew cute :) Thank you for another fantastic block. I have to redo:( my ripper block (my seams didn't line up at all) and still need to stitch up the Spoolin' Around.

  16. WHOOP! I have been waiting for this one (sory, naughty and cheap, I know). Off to download it and the pencils. :-D

  17. Hmm, this one looks like a real challenge. Those little bits always leave me cursing.

    I can't guarantee I'll take this one on this month but I love having it for my paper piecing collection (for when I'm feeling brave!). Thank you for sharing the patterns.


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