Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Busy busy

 Lots happening, lots to do. I’d really rather sleep. But as it’s barely after 11am and I have a busy kidlet in the process of toilet training, I don’t think sleep’s really an option (can I just say that I believe Minnie Mouse undies have magic properties. When all else has failed, MM is doing the trick for no more puddles!).

Moving on.

I am hoping to do something with this today:

HSTs galore

Why yes, that is 160 3” half square triangles, thanks for asking. And a ridiculous amount of trimming over the past three days (wouldn’t dare attempt that all in one hit!). I am hoping to turn these into a few more blocks that look like this:

Circle of Flowers

Yep. I’m back to working on Round and Round – another fabulous pattern by Camille of Bonnie and Camille. I”m a bit of a Camille fan. I just love her patterns and her fabric. And now she has a Craftsy class all about pre-cuts! Woohoo! I’ve already signed up, started watching and am very much wanting to make one or more of the patterns that are included as part of the class (patterns include Piece of Cake and Swoon plus an awesome hashtag quilt!). So I need to get a few things done first before I start planning more quilts (the list is getting stupid long).

So that’s my agenda today. But before I forget, I have also consulted Mr Random and have two winners for the paper pieced pattern giveaway! Thanks for joining in the fun guys – if ever I decided to paint my fridge again, I now have heaps of super awesome ideas. Plus I had a chuckle reading the comments!

Onto the winners: Kelly and Angela! 

I have emailed you both – thanks so much for joining in the giveaway fun!

Sew Retro 2

Didn’t win? Still want some patterns? How about a 15% discount?! Email me (kristyqp at gmail dot com) with the subject Fridge Painting Discount (so I can find your email easily!) and let me know which patterns you want and I’ll send you a paypal invoice and later, the PDF versions of the patterns. You have from now til Friday 29th Aussie time to email me if you’re keen!

I know, I know. This is all long and complicated. But unfortunately Craftsy, where I sell all my patterns, does not yet have a coupon code option (and I’m not up to date listing patterns on Etsy). So it’s the best I can think of for the time being!

Off to tackle that mountain of HSTs. Or nap.


  1. Ahh toilet training, I remember that a very long time ago! It might not be the 'right' thing to do but what worked for my son was that when he did a wee in the toilet he got to lick his finger (after hand washing of course) and dip it in a jar of 100's & 1000's. Only time he was allowed to do it. Worked like a charm for him! Remember they all get there eventually, its just really hard work at the time!

  2. I had to Google "100's & 1000's" (I was mystified). LOL! :)

  3. Oooh I have that pattern - your block looks so pretty but there is an awful lots of HSTs in it!

  4. Oh my, I forgot to ask you about the toilet training last time... Your block looks fantastic and I love your paper piecing pattern!:)

  5. Thomas the Tank Engine undies are doing it for us! Love your round and round block (though it also looks pretty time consuming!).

  6. Oh yeah, the trimming... but the block looks great, so I'm looking forward to see more of them. Good luck on the toilet training front.

  7. The Minnie Mouse undies sound like the perfect solution :) Glad I am way past all that now.

    Will have to check out that Craftsy class, although when I will ever find the time to do it is anyone's guess!

  8. Oh the trials and tribulations of potty training!! My baby will be 2 in a couple months so I need to get going on that learning curve too. You have been busy; love that pile of HST and it will be a beautiful quilt!

  9. Girls are easy peasy to toilet train compared to boys. I had a grandson I bribed with swimming lessons before he finally did it. Great pile of HST. Love the block you did it is very pretty.

  10. Love that Round and Round block. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  11. Love the blocks - the pretty colours really pop against the grey background!

  12. Thank you so much Kristy! I just love all of your patterns. You are a very talented lady :) Angela


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