Friday, 11 January 2013

TGIFF – Princess Quilt

 There’s a new bub arrived in the family this past week, so of course she must be welcomed with a quilt.

A quilt with some flowers:
Flower strip

A quilt with some princesses:

A quilt with some dancing frogs:
Dancing frog

Okay, I know the dancing frog thing might not quite fit the theme there, but they are sweet little princes-turned-frogs. Seriously, look at that one with his leg stuck out in a jaunty fashion just ready to dance. Could you resist?!

Put it altogether and you have this!

Princess quilt

I used another pattern from the Living Large 2 book – couldn’t resist those appliqued flowers.
P1000660 (640x480)

Though I added in solid strips instead of prints for the rectangular strips. Well second go around. First go I used the mixed prints.And got this:
P1000655 (640x480)

Which I not so affectionately named the Pastel Vomit Quilt. It makes me queasy just looking at it. Too many pastel prints blending together. Ick. I checked with Mum (who bought the fabric and is actually the one giving this quilt as a gift, I just had the fun of making it!) and she agreed. So we came up with the solid strip plan.

So a fair bit of unpicking and resewing and I was much happier. Much less vomitous.
Princess quilt

Although of course, being a newborn baby, the recipient might sick on it on the odd occasion. Good thing it’s washable hey?

Love baby quilts, so quick and easy to put together. Oh and I cheated and did the pillowcase fliparoo with this one, no binding or quilting. But it’s nice and soft and cuddly. Perfect for the new arrival. Have already handed this one over to the grandies to deliver when they go to meet the little one. My job here is done.

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  1. What cute fabrics! Love the dancing frogs - well that one with the leg sticking out is either dancing or it has cramp from too much dancing - who knows?! I'm not sure how I'd go making a quilt in those colours, having had two boys there is not much room for pastel in my house but I definitely think the addition of the solid strips was an inspired design modification! I'm sure bubs will love it!

  2. Well done! And I particularly like my new word for the day - vomitous:-)

  3. Love the dancing frogs fabric, what is it? Great quilt!

  4. LOVE the frogs! I've just bought pastels for the first time yesterday to make a friend a baby quilt - her colour choices, not mine. Not sure if I will love it or loath it!

  5. Pastels aren't my thing either, I think you did a great job with this quilt.

  6. For reason unknown I like the pastel womit version better. You are so funny!

  7. I think most every princess has kissed a few frogs! The solid strips do help define the quilt and the appliqués flowers are beautiful!!

  8. That's so sweet! I really like the princesses and the frogs.


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