Sunday, 20 January 2013

My one weakness

 Text prints are my one weakness. Wait not true. Fabric is my one weakness. With an extra bit of weak for text.

So when I saw Alyce’s Japanese Bundle Club for January was a text one, well. I couldn’t resist. It’s a surprise bundle, all hand picked by Alyce.

Blossom Heart Quilts Japanese Bundle Club Text

Considering her fab taste in fabrics, I didn’t think I would be disappointed. And I certainly wasn’t!

Text Print 1

I have already picked out some of these to be used in future blocks! Paper pieced of course.

Text prints 2

Fussy cutting in paper piecing is my one weakness. Love finding the perfect fabric or scrap of text to use in a paper pieced block.

Text prints 3

Sorry for the dark pictures – it’s rather overcast here. But I am not complaining. After there being a heatwave of late, I am enjoying the cooler weather and the rain! Perfect weather for sewing. Sewing being my one weakness.

Text print 4

Isn’t that a fabulous bundle of prints? I opted for the F8th bundle, but you can also get FQ bundles.
There is a different theme for each month. February’s theme is sewing! Might be handy for those of you joining in the “And Sew On” BoM!
And Sew On BoM Button

You can find all the details for the Japanese Bundle Club here. Plus! Postage is included in the order price! I do love included postage. You might say it’s my one weakness.

200x200 BHQ logo

Especially when you consider the US postal system is raising postage rates. For us international gals, it’s jumping from $17 to $24. Isn’t that horrid! Please, share in my outrage! So will be looking out for those fab shops that have discount shipping (like Christa Quilts) or ordering more from Alyce in Japan!

And for fellow Lark Rise lovers, here’s a weakness or two of Miss Lane’s.

Lark Rise to Candleford is my one weakness

Linking up with Sunday Stash. Fiona from Finding Fifth is hosting. You might say Lark Rise to Candleford is also her one weakness.

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  1. I just got that bundle too! Isn't it amazing!! I completely agree about the ridiculous postage rates; wasn't it just a year ago that they went up? Maddening.

  2. Ok Ok you had me laughing with tears in my eyes with your post today and then you topped it all by posting a fabulous montage of Miss Lane. I love you. A brilliant Sunday Stash!

  3. Love it! I just (tonight) finished season 2. The fabric is great too. Although-I always think it's funny to see Japanese fabric that doesn't look very Japanese. lol. I grew up in Japan and didn't sew much back then, but my sister sent me a lot of fabric a couple of years ago and she picked out very Japanese looking fabrics (my aunts also picked some out that was not Japanese looking).

  4. Hilarious clip - I don't think we have had that programme in NZ yet. Those texty prints are awesome!

  5. Oh, ditto, I love text prints, I'm off to have a look, thanks

  6. That's a lot of weakness for one post! I would say though that it is obvious your one weakness is an inability to count :)

    Great fabrics, will look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    1. Oh Fiona you make me laugh! Hey well done on 31 linkys so far for TGIFF. Is that a record?

  7. With an extra bit of weak for text....LOL :D

  8. Fab as usual! Looking forward to see those PP blocks already.

  9. I love text fabrics too!i could be wrong but I think you may have more than 1 weakness! :)

  10. The text prints are fab - I will admit to them being one of my (more than a few) fabric weaknesses!

  11. Thanks for making me laugh! I love Lark Rise to Candleford too.

  12. lovely stack of fabric! thanks for a good laugh :)

  13. OMG, you only have one weakness? You are a very restrained woman then ;)

  14. Awesome fabric! Reading your blog is my one weakness. And finding a new series to get hooked on is my one weakness, too. Off to sew! It's my one weakness! =D

  15. ahhh Love Lark Rise to Candleford! Ended up getting the series on DVD our station stopped showing it!

  16. Nooo, $24? That's horrid. When? I'm still not over the last raise... :(

    Lovely bunch of fabrics, though!

  17. Gorgeous fabrics! I think you need to choose between your one weaknesses ;)


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