Wednesday, 12 December 2012

WiP Wednesday – Christmas gifts

I’m in disbelief at how fast Christmas is approaching. And slightly in freak out mode that I still have so much to sew! When will I learn? I should start Christmas sewing in January! Then I might stand a chance of being organised!

I have managed to complete two projects, and start one so at least I feel like I’m making some kind of headway! The teachers’ gifts are done! Yay! 

Apple print tote bag

I’ll admit – these didn’t turn out as planned. I saw an idea on Pinterest (yeah you know where this is going, don’t you!) and thought oh how fun! Apple prints on calico – my kids will love that! They did. I didn’t. Now I remember why I don’t particularly enjoy doing crafts with my kids involving paint. Anyways they had fun stamping with the apples (though Miss 2 was puzzled at using food in paint).

Apple prints

I had planned to make the bags completely out of calico. Until the kids got creative and finger painted the top of the square and it didn’t look so fab anymore. Cheapo fabric to the rescue (scored 5m of this dark green for less than $2 a metre – bargain!) and the bags were done.

Apple print tote bags

So these are for my son’s preschool teachers as he’s now finished with preschool and off to big school next year. And all being lovely ladies, I’m sure they’ll pretend to like them.
Winking smile
I also had a minor panic I hadn’t sent anything to my sister in NZ for Christmas. With post being notoriously slow at this time of year, I figured I better whip something up and mail it asap. So again - inspired by something on Pinterest

Phone charger hanging pouch (2)

A phone charger pouch thingamajig (totally technical term) that hangs on the charger while plugged in to the power point.

Phone charger hanging pouchIpod in the pouch

Now the tutorial for this is completely in German. I don’t speak German (other than random words plus a few swearies thanks to some great German gals I met during a year as an au pair). So I just followed the pictures and kind of made up the rest as I went. It’s not perfect but it’ll do the trick. Obviously I didn’t use felt or visoflex (right word?!) in mine, but just fabric and batting. It really made that hole in the top a pain in the bum to sew  - ended up hand sewing it together then machine stitching to keep it in place. I also made the hole way too big. But live and learn. Maybe I’ll attempt it again some day!

So that leads me onto my current WiP! I’m making a paper pieced wallhanging for my Mum – this one features daffodils. (Mum, you better not be reading my blog after my stern instructions not to! You’ll spoil Christmas. Just sayin’. Love you!)

Daffodil WiP

It’s another pattern by Eileen B Sullivan. I made the Iris version not that long ago and loved it. So here I am trying another fab pattern! We won’t mention how many times I had to unpick due to not paying close enough attention. The paper piecing mojo just wasn’t there today.

And that about sums up the state of sewing in my household at the moment. I hope you’re managing your Christmas sewing a little better than I am!



  1. Ooo new WIP button. Me likey. Err, sorry, not important...

    Am sure the teachers will love those bags. Good girl for involving the kiddies. Nice touch! Ok, so the apples aren't perfect but I think that adds to the charm. If one of "my" kids gave me a present like that then I'd be stoked. :)

    Loving the daffodil already. Gorgeous, bright solids. Hope your Mummy hasn't gone and spoiled the surprise. ;)

  2. that is one of my fav fabrics that you used on the phone cover. Love the Vintage modern range! So that's very appealing to me! Send it to me instead!
    Great job on the bags too!

  3. Well done making progress on your Christmas gifts! Love the teachers bags, so cute! Can't wait to see the daffodils they are looking beautiful so far.

  4. I'm inrigued which swearwords you've picked up! I bet the daffodils will look amazing. I loved the irises.

  5. The apple bags turned out cute!! So much thought and care put into them. I have never seen one of those phone charger thingamajig's and think that is a brilliant idea!! The daffodils are looking gorgeous!! That might be a tough one to let go of as your iris hanging may need a buddy!!

  6. The apple bags are great, I'm all for the kids getting involved. The Iris look wonderful your mum is going to love it.

  7. The teachers will love them! I bet they don't have to pretend!! Great work kristy, you're making me feel all panicky though, I am so disorganized for Christmas...

  8. Whoa - love the irises you did. I bet the daffodils are just as pretty. :)

  9. Oh yes, food as stamps! Fond memories of those days!They look great and the teachers will love them for sure.

  10. I saw an English tutorial for that charger on Sew Mama Sew as part of the Handmade Holidays - November 18. I had put this on my to-do list

  11. looks like you have whipped up some great gifts! I love the daffodils..I dont know how to paper piece, so am always in awe of someone who does LOL

  12. You're so on top of things, Kristy! By the way, I saw a finished version of your Polaroid camera block today -- absolute genius. You are so talented, my friend!!

  13. Haha- every time I do something from Pinterest I either dumb it down or it dumbs me down. :) They look cute though, and I love the wall hanging you're working on for your mom. Good luck getting everything done!!

  14. I am sure the teachers will love those bags they will make a pleasant change from the bog-standard box of chocs!

    The phone charger thingy looks good I know of a few people who could do with one of those, but it will have to be next year now :)


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