Sunday, 23 December 2012

Want to learn how to paper piece?

So I’m pretty much self taught when it comes to paper piecing. I learnt via youtube, blogs and tutorials. And a wholllle lot of trial and error. Some things I guess you just learn as you go! And I still make mistakes. Like on my recent daffodil piecing (now remedied, thankfully!).

Paper pieced daffodil

However when I had the chance to try out a Craftsy class, I thought why not try one on paper piecing? I might pick up a few tips, and see how a professional does it. So I signed up for Quick Strip Paper Piecing by Peggy Martin. (Note: pics in this post aren't all from the class - just wanted some pretty amidst all the text!).

Gotta say – the “quick” part of the title definitely appealed to me! Paper piecing is a lot of fun, but let’s be honest. It is time consuming. I love to chain piece when I’m sewing blocks together but it never really occurred to me to try it while paper piecing. But I think I may be a convert. Particularly for those blocks that have to be made in quarters. Like this block I did awhile ago (called Thuban from

Thuban paper pieced block

So I know you’re waiting with bated breath to hear how I found the class! Well I am still working my way through the projects (afraid Christmas sewing is taking priority at the moment) BUT so far, so good.

It is the perfect class for someone brand new to paper piecing, but who has the basics of quilting and sewing already sorted. Peggy goes through it very clearly every step of the way. If you’re a fairly competent paper piecer, it might not be for you as the class is geared for those new to paper piecing – that said though, I am finding it interesting to see how Peggy paper pieces and some of her tips (like sewing all the seams the same way – that never occurred to me!).

I did notice a few little things that I do differently but I don’t think it makes that much of a difference. I like to backstitch at the start and end of each paper pieced line. I feel that it secures the blocks a little better. But that’s just what I find works for me.

Too Pretty for Pickles - another block made in quarters

 Plus like with any of the Craftsy classes, you can ask questions of the teacher, pause/rewind classes, see other people’s projects. Oh and you’ve got the class available pretty much forever. So you can come back and watch it later down the track if you need a refresher. The other bonus of the class – you get some great patterns with the class! And who doesn’t love more paper pieced patterns? Right? Right!

So! Enough advertising talk. Here’s my version of the first project in the class – a Pinwheel Polka block. Strip piecing was a different way to tackle it and might not work for all patterns but it was great for this one.

So, interested? All the Craftsy classes are on sale at the moment. And Quick Strip Paper Piecing is half price! Score!  But you have to be fast. The sale ends midnight US time on December 24. Christmas present anyone?!

Online Quilting Class

As with all my blog posts – I like to be completely up front. I am a Craftsy affiliate, so I get a bonus if someone purchases a class through one of my links here (eh we’d all like to manage a bit of a bonus from our blogs and quilting wouldn’t we?! Don’t hold it against me Winking smile ) However, I know there are a few people who have commented on my blog that they love the idea of paper piecing but are a bit nervous to give it a try. So I thought it worth trying out this class and sharing my thoughts for those interested in trying it. 

Well better get back to the Christmas sewing – keen to get that finished so I can try out the Sailor’s Delight block (I do love a paper pieced compass block!).


  1. The Daffodil is lovely....great work! And I am going to have a look at the promises. But you make it sound very interesting....Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. It's always interesting to know what people think about the Craftsy classes. I will go and have a look at this one - after all it might help when you start your BOM :-)Trouble is I have bought several classes already that I just haven't had time to watch... but as you say they become yours to use in your own time!

  3. I am way behind on the Craftsy BOM and have three other Craftsy classes already signed up for so this will have to go on the "to-do someday" list, but it definitely sounds intriguing. Thanks for the honest review Kristy.

    Hope you get your Christmas sewing finished in time!

  4. It sounds like very good class. Who wouldn't like to get perfect points and why not post about it. It's on sale and we all love sales.


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